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The Skillet program is an open-source initiative that relies on the community to create and consume various types of skillets.


Skillet Classifications

There are 2 tiers of skillets for contribution and usage: community and personal.


Community Skillets

Community skillets have a higher level of recognition and trust in terms of release coverage, documentation, and testing. They may or may not be hosted as part of the Palo Alto Networks organization area on GitHub so Live status can help with some level of confidence level-setting for unknown personal GitHub accounts.


Contributions for community skillets start with an article submission and minor review before publication. Key review elements are quality and completeness of the skillets, problems solved or time saved, and documentation coverage.


Expectations for contributed community skillets are ongoing monitoring of conversations, resolution of critical issues, and general upkeep.


Personal Skillets

The entry level tier of skillets that are submitted using the personal skillet discussion board. Anyone can contribute their work "as is," solicit help, or share ideas.


Skillet links and content can be posted in a similar manner to community skillets but may be less documented and tested.

These skillets can be upvoted to be promoted to the community tier for additional recognition.


The community does not monitor or provide testing to ensure quality of skillets at this tier.


Opening a personal skillet article should include the following reference information:


  • Skillet details including GitHub repo url and branch information
  • documentation and usage instructions in the article or a link to remote documentation
  • additional information, notes, caveats

Example information to include:


Skillet Details


Github Location:

Github Branches: master

PAN-OS Supported: 8.1, 9.0, 9.1

Type of Skillet: xml configuration, rest, python, text render for set commands

Collections: PANOS, Configure
Purpose: small support skillets


Additional Details

This section houses tips, tricks, caveats, requirements, and any other information assisting a user wanting to play this skillet


Support Model

Skillets are unsupported by Palo Alto Networks and only supported within the community.


Contributing to Existing Skillets

As is common in the open-source community, users can contribute to existing community or personal skillets.


The recommended model is to fork the GitHub repo and use pull requests to submit skillet additions, changes, or suggestions. Or for novice skillet users, open an issue in the skillet with suggested enhancements. This creates a discussion thread in GitHub specific to the skillet.

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