Reaper the Rockstar!

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The Northern Ohio chapter of Fuel User Group has an eye for rockstars, too! Our very own Reaper, ace Solutions Engineer and now administrator of the Live Community, Tom Piens, receives a special callout from our user-group community in Cleveland, Ohio. You do us proud, Reaper!


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LiveWeek 13 Jul 2018

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RDP access to Citrix via GlobalProtect clientless VPN - how cool is that? ESM + PAN-OS = syslog messages for user mappings. Selective access to YouTube videos. Is the anti-virus block page teetering on the fence? Understanding inconsistent results when testing a virus download. The July App-ID roster is here -- see which new apps help secure your cyberworld. On our way to half a million views on our YouTube channel. Follow us on Twitter. 


July Apps are here! (shortly)

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The upcoming content update for July 17th holds some exciting new application APP-IDs, you won't believe what happens next.


LiveWeek 6 Jul 2018

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Reading authentication logs from Samba as Domain Controller using Syslog Parse -- tips from our partner in Brazil. Log forwarding and log quota management on the Cloud Services Portal. Low disk space on the management plane? You might like a debug command to clean up old logs. GlobalProtect App 5.0 Beta for iOS 12. A word about paloalto-logging-service Logging Service App-ID. The World Cup and our App-ID -- definitely a match worth watching! Over 120 videos, 5000+ subscribers, and nearly half a million views make our YouTube channel a hot summer thing! Follow us on Twitter, too!


New Cloud Services features - Log Forwarding and Log Quota Management

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Joe takes a minute to tell us about 2 new Cloud Services features - Syslog Forwarding and Log Quota Management.

Click to read more about these features.




There's a debug command that can help you clean up old logs automatically

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There's a debug command that can help automatically clean up old debug log files, in case you didn't know. It may be worth checking out if you've had issues with low disk space on the management plane in the past.


LiveWeek 29 Jun 2018

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World Cup fan? Make your goal ball control: Our App-ID lets you determine whether you stream, how you stream, and more! A closer look at Magnifier. Don't take the bait on a phishing expedition. PAN-OS 8.1.2 comes with new log options. Traps ESM flaunts new features. The orphaned Q&As at Ignite are finding happy homes...and answers! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter.




New Traps 4.2 Endpoint Security Manager (ESM)

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With the latest release of Traps 4.2, Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) introduces new features to align to the Cloud solution, including support for Linux Endpoints. 

traps 4.2.png


Ignite'18 Wrap Part 2 - Answer the orphaned questions and bag some swag

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We have some more questions that weren't able to be answered at Ignite18.  See what the second round of questions were and see if you can help answer and win some swag!



New Magnifier June 2018 Features

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The latest Magnifier maintenance release came out with some interesting new features, including an enhanced search function, User-Id association, UI time display, and more. Read all about it here.


Phishing more popular than ever!

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Recent research by Unit 42 shows that phishing cyberattacks are still very popular. How are Palo Alto Networks customers protected on a phishing expedition?


PAN-OS 8.1.2 introduces new log options

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You can now generate a Threat log when the firewall receives certain types of packets, to more easily analyze these occurrences and fulfill audit and compliance requirements.


As everyone is getting ready to watch the World Cup, so should security admins

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The World Cup is upon us, and while it brings joy to many, managing all the data flows may become a nightmare for admins. An easy implementation can make your life easier and help protect your business while providing users with a safe environment.


New App-IDs for June are ready!

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New App-IDs for June are ready. Click to read all the details on the new App-IDs for customers this month.



Palo Alto Networks SuperFan Program

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A membership with super-sized benefits

Join forces with our global team of Palo Alto Networks SuperFans to show the world that superior prevention will always prevail over our cyber nemeses. As a SuperFan, you can save the day – while showing the world all you’ve learned – by spreading your Palo Alto Networks knowledge with X-ray-vision-like accuracy to help organizations protect our digital way of life.


New tactics and tools used by Sofacy Group

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Unit 42 wrote an extensive blog on Sofacy Group, a well-known APT. Check out this blog to find out what they're all about and how Palo Alto Networks customers are protected from their attacks!


Final round of Q&As from Ignite '18

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Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 2.42.15 AM.png


More questions and answers from Ignite '18. Were you there? Be sure to check your profile for your Ignite '18 badge. Plan for Austin next year on this side of the water. Plan for October THIS year for Ignite Europe in Amsterdam. See you then. In the meantime, the final round (ding! goes the bell) with more answers to your burning questions...


Ignite'18 Wrap - Answer the orphaned questions and bag some swag

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The Live Community booth was the most active at Ignite for the second year in a row with a lively and challenging Q&A, but what about the unanswered questions left on the bigger board? Click to show us what you know and bag some swag.



The latest from the great wall of knowledge at Ignite

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More reasons why you're here...


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View from the Ignite Floor

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Sharing our experiences of Ignite 2018!


Application Framework: A look at the Future of Security Innovation

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App Framework is our vision for making security innovations faster, come read about the future!


Unsanctioned Device Access Control and You

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Dealing with cloud applications can be a pain, especially if you are dealing with unsanctioned devices. Click to read more.


App-ID changes to Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)

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If you use Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) in your network security policy, then you will want to know about changes happening. 


New App-IDs for May are ready!

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New App-IDs for May are ready now. Palo Alto Networks customers can view the latest in the Customer Resources center.


Got Questions? #GetAnswers

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Our community Sentinel offers tips and tricks on favorite features of the NGFW. Get all your curiosities tickled and your questions answered at Ignite. Visit our experts in Booth 304 and #IgniteYourSecurity, get your security ducks in a row, and help the chickens safely cross the road!


LiveWeek 4 May 2018

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TAP interface -- what it does and how it works. The power of XML API at your fingertips. Does your new firewall prevent successful ransomware attacks? Well, it jolly well should -- testing before investing! Henbox: Inside the coop -- now what will the chickens come up with next? Speaking of chickens, why did that one cross the road? #GetAnswers and #IgniteYourSecurity with us in Anaheim May 21-24. 'Til then, join thousands of subscribers on our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter. Count down to Ignite.


LiveWeek 27 Apr 2018

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A custom App-ID for the online, multiplayer game, Fortnite, popular among school-age children. HIP configuration for patch management. We've updated our Visio and Omnigraffle stencils. New App-IDs for April. Check out our YouTube channel and join us -- and Reaper -- on Twitter. A fix for the undersized board at Ignite. #IgniteYourSecurity and join us in Anaheim. Booth 304.


Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform

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Joe Delio helps explain what this new Security Operating Platform is all about and how it will help you as a security professional.

Click to read more.



LiveWeek 13 Apr 2018

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Magnifier vs AutoFocus -- what's the difference? Using as a template or dummy IP? Stop now. Smoking out the Rarog cryptocurrency mining trojan. Best practices for Palo Alto Networks devices. Ten things to test in your future NGFW. Join thousands of fans on our YouTube channel. Follow us on Twitter. #IgniteYourSecurity in Anaheim next month. 


Best Practices for Palo Alto Network Devices

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Want to read some of the latest Palo Alto Networks Best Practices guides available? Then look no further. Click to read more.



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