Halloween is Over! Now Announcing the Winners of the Haiku Challenge!

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You've submitted your best Haikus. Now comes the time to pick the best one!


Be Smart and Shop Safe During the Holidays!

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Some tips for a safer online shopping experience during the upcoming holidays and the shopping spree that goes along with it.



New Aperture Trial Feature

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Want to know all about the new Aperture Trial feature that was just introduced? Click to read all the details.Aperture-trial.png


Thanking Our Major Contributors

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The season of gratitude is upon us. Join us in recognizing some of the major contributors that elevate the information of our online community.



Wall's Week - November 9th, 2018

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New Aperture Enhancements

New Evident Features

Traps TMS October/November Update Enhancements

TIP: Best Practices for QUIC Protocol

TIP: Templates and Resources

TIP: Setting up SSH on a Non-Standard Port Using Certificate Authentication


Event Report: Fuel Dallas Chapter meeting in Plano, Texas October 23rd

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Joe gives a report on the the Fuel Dallas Chapter meeting that happened Oct. 23, 2018. Click to read more.



New Traps Management Service Updates for September and October

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Every month new features are introduced into the Traps management service.  To help you stay up to date, we will post these new features here. For more information, click the link below to go to Traps technical documentation.  


Reapers Halloween Challenge!

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Spooktober will end

Halloween is upon us

Time for a new game


New Evident™ Features Introduced in October 2018

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The New Evident™ Features for October are here.


Dallas Fuel User Group Chapter Meeting in Plano Oct 23, 2018

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The Dallas Fuel User Group is having a meeting that will be held at the Palo Alto Networks Plano office. Click to get all of the details.



QUIC Protocol Updates in Chrome 70

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If you see many 'quic' connections in your traffic log or ACC, you'll want to review these notes.


Wall's Week - October 12th, 2018

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Best Practices for Support Escalation

New App-ID Placeholder on October 16th

Storage of Threat IDs for PAN-OS 6.1 and 7.0 Releases

URL Bulk Categorization Script

TIP: Searching LIVE from Google

Need 8.1 Metrics with 8.0 Firewalls?

When Does the Firewall Enact TCP Reuse?


Getting Started with 'Iron Skillet' Best Practices Templates

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'Iron Skillet' templates are initial configuration templates (importable configuration files) based on our own Best Practices documentation designed to get our customers up and running in no time while already taking full advantage of important features in their products.


Renew VM-Series Firewall License Bundles

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Did you know that you can renew VM-Series firewall bundle licenses directly via the Customer Support Portal? Check out this blog and read all about the different options and how to go about it!


Wall's Week - October 1st, 2018

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GlobalProtect Cloud Service – Plug-in 1.2.0 available

Palo Alto Networks receives highest recommendation from NSS Labs

Magnifier – new features

PAN-OS 6.1 End of Life October 25th

Trial Evident for public cloud

Unit 42 Playbooks

TIP: Security policy evaluation with implicit applications


Sizing Storage Using the Logging Service Calculator

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When purchasing Palo Alto Networks devices or services, log storage is an important consideration. Check out this blog which covers storage sizing for the Logging Service and the actual calculator tool you can use! 




Event Report: Your Move to the Cloud Secured Event

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If you want to be more informed on how to best secure your data in the cloud, then please read more about this event.

Cloud Secured event.png


New GlobalProtect App 4.1 OS Support!

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GlobalProtect app 4.1.5 supports upcoming macOS and Android OS releases and contain several other enhancements. 


Important Information Regarding GlobalProtect App and iOS 12

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GlobalProtect app 5.0 for iOS is now available on the iTunes App Store. Here's some important information you need to know.


Wall's Week - September 17th

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Streamcast Event: Your Move to the Cloud, Secured

Differences Between Palo Alto Networks Virtual Firewall and Public Cloud Security Groups

The Cybersecurity Canon

GlobalProtect App and iOS 12

New Migration Tool Released

New Applications Arriving on Sept 18th

Panorama Interconnect Plug-in Now Available

Tech Tip: MineMeld Parameter Feeds API

Tech Tip: Use Emergency Updates to Improve Situational Awareness


Wall's Week - August 17th, 2018

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PAN-OS 8.1.3 now available

Azure Firewall – update and blog site

Cyber Range

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life

Beta customers needed for next major release

Security advisories

Sign-up for various updates

Unit 42 blog

Considerations when upgrading to PAN-OS 8.1

What’s new in PAN-OS 8.1


OilRig Uses Updated BONDUPDATER to Target Middle Eastern Government

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The OilRig group has been active since at least mid-2016 and continues their attack campaigns throughout the Middle East, targeting both governmental agencies and businesses on an almost routine basis. Check out this blog to read more about it and find out how Palo Alto Networks protects you!


New Panorama Interconnect Plugin

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If you are wondering how to better utilize Panorama to manage a great number of firewalls, then you need to read about Panorama Interconnect.

Panorama Interconnect.png


New Applications for September 2018

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Palo Alto Networks releases New App-IDs on every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Please take a look at the list of new applications that will be released on September 19th, so you can determine if you will need to update existing security policies.


Magnifier August 2018 Release Information

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The August updates for Magnifier are here, and they include better coverage reports and optimized WildFire integration.



New Traps Management Service Updates for August

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The new Traps management service updates for August are here.

new-traps mgmt features Aug.png


New App-IDs for August are Ready!

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New App-IDs for August are ready. Read all the details on the new App-IDs this month.



End of Life PAN-OS 5.x and 6.0 will No Longer Receive Dynamic Updates

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If your firewall or Panorama are still on a PAN-OS that has been identified as End of Life, you need to consider upgrading as soon as possible.


LiveWeek 27 July 2018

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Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 1.53.27 AM.png

The release plan for App-ID rollout in August: July – set up placeholders; August – rollout. Ready? The July prep and August rollout is important for our customers. Not our customer yet? Join our discussion, check our blog, do the needful and reap the rewards.

Ever wonder where your log space is?


The latest enhancements for Traps Agent software include reverse shell protection for Linux and an improved installation for Android.


DUO multi-factor authentication (MFA) blog and video.


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