Virtualization -- what the heck is it?

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Our support engineer and virtualization specialist, Sean McLean, does an excellent job introducing virtualization in a way that's informative, easy to read, fun, and doesn't make you want to shoot yourself in the face. 


Panorama configuration log, anyone?

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This log displays an entry for each configuration change and is a goldmine of information.  Can't find it? Check out, in this article, why this might be the case.


LiveWeek 18 Aug 2017

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Aperture goes MFA on Thursday, 24 August. Tech Docs shows how to secure the data center and defend the citadel while safely perusing release notes for Traps 4.3.0 and PAN-OS 8.0.4. Our YouTube channel grows by hops, leaps, and bounds from viewers like you. Check it out and let us hear from you. Direct your questions to the Live Community discussion forum where the informative exchange helps others, too. Don't have a Live Community account yet? It's simple and free to register with just your name, email address, and country. Sign up and start engaging today! 


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Aperture

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To further strengthen your security posture, Aperture will support multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all administrator log-ins starting Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time. You will then be able to add an additional layer of security by enabling MFA for all administrators.


LiveWeek 11 Aug 2017

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Terraform templates help quickly and easily deploy and secure critical applications on the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation firewall for public cloud environments like AWS and Azure. LSVPN -- the video version. Generating certificates from CSR for decryption. Our member shows how to bypass SSL decryption for an application. How to make the firewall a responder-only in an IPSec tunnel. FAQs on the ACC.  What has 2818 subscribers, 204,476 views, and more than 100 action-packed videos? Tweet that!


Video Tutorial: Large Scale VPN (LSVPN)

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If you'd like to know more about Large Scale VPN, what it is and how to configure it, then click to watch the Video Tutorial on LSVPN.




Generating Certificates from CSR for Decryption

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Learn how to leverage enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to generate SSL decryption certificates. Use the firewall to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and have an AD Certificate Authority (CA) issue a Sub-CA certificate for trusted SSL decryption.


How to bypass SSL decryption for an application

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Sometimes you need to get creative to make your customers happy. This contribution by a community member drew my attention and could be useful to administrators trying to find a solution to the same question.


Unit 42's LabyREnth CTF announces contest winners!

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Did you escape the LabyREnth with all the loot? Not you? Then who? Check the contest wrap-up from Unit 42 -- winners, finishers, challenge stats and more to see how this year's contestants fared. Then start practicing for next year now!


LiveWeek 4 Aug 2017

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The Palo Alto Networks VM-Series touts a new public cloud integration portal. We need your help to keep it going. Rapidly deploy the VM-Series in both private and public cloud environments and showcase your success. Epic-ID for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) enjoys a healthy life in the Live Community. Learn about admin sessions, viewing the management interface via the CLI, and insight into NS, ND and NB session flags. Add generous helpings of YouTube and Twitter, and you've got a time-tested recipe for security and success.


New Public Cloud Integration Portal

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A few recent VM-Series efforts allow Palo Alto Networks customers to more rapidly deploy the VM-Series in both private and public cloud environments. Take a look at what we've done, including case studies, and see how you can contribute.


LiveWeek 28 Jul 2017

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Best practices for PAN-OS upgrade, especially if you're just getting in the game! Packet capture option missing under Monitor tab -- what if multiple administrators with role-based access monitor the firewall? With PAN-OS 8.0, TACACS uses authorization from the TACACS server to log into the GUI or CLI -- we show you how. Visio and Omnigraffle stencils are back. Questions #GetAnswers here. Check our latest on YouTube and Twitter. Subscribe and follow. All good things -- here in your Live Community.


LiveWeek 21 Jul 2017

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A week of great videos: enabling, disabling, and cloning rules. Filtering the security policy. Watch GlobalProtect Clientless VPN reach remote outposts through third-party middleware. Read about DNP3 new App-ID release for SCADA systems. Visio stencils are baaaack! View Ansible videos on YouTube and subscribe to our channel. Follow us on Twitter, join in our discussions, and give and #GetAnswers non-stop here in the Live Community.


LabyREnth CTF 2017 Final Week: Beat the Maze!

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The LabyREnth Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge ends in less than a week - Sunday, July 23! In the final hours of the LabyREnth challenge, do you have what it takes to defeat the goblin king? 


Tutorial: How to enable/disable/clone rules!

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Simple yet powerful tools to play with on the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall. Check out this tutorial to learn all about disabling/enabling and cloning rules!



LiveWeek 14 Jul 2017

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Why choose Palo Alto Networks? How to convince leadership to harden security. How to use a certificate to authenticate iOS clients to GlobalProtect. What is the best way to use the migration tool when using Panorama to manage firewalls? Why do routers run on the management plane? Q&A from the 'great wall of answers.' Our turn: Where's the craziest place you've deployed a Palo Alto Networks Next Generation firewall?


#GetAnswers from Ignite Q&A | kiwi

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More posted questions and answers from the booth @Ignite! Topics include Aperture, API, best practices, GlobalProtect, LightCyber, log forwarding, firewall management, MineMeld, Panorama, Traps, User-ID, VPN, and WildFire. Got questions? #GetAnswers here.


#GetAnswers from Ignite Q&A | reaper

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Ignite brought many different questions posted on the wall of #GetAnswers. We already selected the 'best of' but wanted to share all of them for your information and entertainment. Got questions? #GetAnswers here.


#GetAnswers from Ignite Q&A | jdelio

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Miss out on the excitement at the Live Community booth at Ignite? Read some of the questions and answers posted in the booth. Topics include configuration and management, GlobalProtect, the Migration Tool, Panorama, SaaS, Traps, User-ID, and VPN. Got questions? #GetAnswers here.


LiveWeek 7 Jul 2017

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Where is the craziest place you’ve had to deploy a Palo Alto Networks firewall? Any tips? See how our firewall can safely enable the double-edged sword of webmail applications, protecting against threats and more. Celebrate Okta integrations with (1) GlobalProtect Clientless VPN SAML SSO with Okta and (2) Okta SAML applications with the firewall acting as service provider for various end points. LiveWire summer issue. Grab the popcorn and settle in on our YouTube channel. Follow us on Twitter. Got questions? #GetAnswers, great videos, crazy stories and more, right here in your Live Community.


LiveWeek 30 Jun 2017

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How does GlobalProtect determine the gateway? How do you record URLs without a URL filtering license? Should we be using the default actions for spyware? Filtering the security policy. New features in the Live Community. Ignite highlights. Meet our Live Community Sentinels. Find your way through the LabyREnth and on to reward -- let your Live Community show you the way.


Unit 42 LabyREnth Capture the Flag Outs aMAZEing Skills!

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We’re halfway through Unit 42’s LabyREnth Capture the Flag (CTF) competition, and things are getting interesting. Malware reverse engineers and threat experts across the world are testing their technical skills in binaries, threat intelligence, programming, and more. Armor has been acquired, tears have been shed, cows have been spotted… Plus, puppies! How about you? Have you escaped the LabyREnth yet?


New Live Community Features - June 28, 2017

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Want to know about all the new features on the Live Community site? Click to see what Joe has to say about new features of the Live Community.


Petya cyber attack - what's it all about?

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Petrwrap/Petya ransomware. A major ransomware attack brings business to a close throughout Europe, in an
infection reminiscent of the WannaCry attack.


Tips & Tricks: Filtering the security policy

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When 'wrangling' a lengthy security policy becomes a chore, some filtering may make your life a little easier.



Ignite '17 edition, Kiwi's favorites Part 2

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Part 2 of questions directly from Ignite. How does GlobalProtect determine the gateway? How do you record URLs without a URL filtering license? Should we be using the default actions for spyware signatures?


LiveWeek 23 Jun 2017

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We take on your questions from Ignite: What is a User-ID? WildFire on analyzing other file types. GlobalProtect over SSL to avoid VPN detection. Syncing downloads across an HA pair. Recommended naming scheme. Panorama as a management and logging device. When to request a Support Event. Tips from the field: Chrome OS Deployment Methodologies for K-12. Finally, we need to know why the chicken crossed the road. Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and follow the good example of that road-crossing chicken!


Ignite '17 edition, Reaper's favorites Part 2

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Part 2 of the questions from the #GetAnswers wall at Ignite: Wildcard search in Traffic Monitor. Pre or post policy with Panorama? Base version when upgrading the firewall, and syncing downloads across an HA pair. App-ID or service/standard ports with traffic? Best method to intro span VLANs. 


Ignite '17 edition, Jdelio's favorites Part 1

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Read some of Joe's favorite questions from Ignite and get a peek into the Ignite booth (video). More on TAP interface. GlobalProtect over SSL to avoid VPN detection. Panorama as a management and logging device, and the chicken crosses the road again!


Ignite '17 edition, Kiwi's favorites Part 1

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Questions, directly from Ignite. A few of my personal favorites: What's the recommended naming scheme? Can I change severity of logs? When will WildFire be able to analyse other file types?


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