Application Framework: A look at the Future of Security Innovation

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App Framework is our vision for making security innovations faster, come read about the future!


Unsanctioned Device Access Control and you

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Dealing with cloud applications can be a pain, especially if you are dealing with unsanctioned devices. Click to read more.


App-ID changes to Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)

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If you use Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) in your network security policy, then you will want to know about changes happening. 


New App-IDs for May are ready!

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New App-IDs for May are ready now. Palo Alto Networks customers can view the latest in the Customer Resources center.


Got Questions? #GetAnswers

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Our community Sentinel offers tips and tricks on favorite features of the NGFW. Get all your curiosities tickled and your questions answered at Ignite. Visit our experts in Booth 304 and #IgniteYourSecurity, get your security ducks in a row, and help the chickens safely cross the road!


LiveWeek 4 May 2018

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TAP interface -- what it does and how it works. The power of XML API at your fingertips. Does your new firewall prevent successful ransomware attacks? Well, it jolly well should -- testing before investing! Henbox: Inside the coop -- now what will the chickens come up with next? Speaking of chickens, why did that one cross the road? #GetAnswers and #IgniteYourSecurity with us in Anaheim May 21-24. 'Til then, join thousands of subscribers on our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter. Count down to Ignite.


LiveWeek 27 Apr 2018

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A custom App-ID for the online, multiplayer game, Fortnite, popular among school-age children. HIP configuration for patch management. We've updated our Visio and Omnigraffle stencils. New App-IDs for April. Check out our YouTube channel and join us -- and Reaper -- on Twitter. A fix for the undersized board at Ignite. #IgniteYourSecurity and join us in Anaheim. Booth 304.


Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform

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Joe Delio helps explain what this new Security Operating Platform is all about and how it will help you as a security professional.

Click to read more.



LiveWeek 13 Apr 2018

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Magnifier vs AutoFocus -- what's the difference? Using as a template or dummy IP? Stop now. Smoking out the Rarog cryptocurrency mining trojan. Best practices for Palo Alto Networks devices. Ten things to test in your future NGFW. Join thousands of fans on our YouTube channel. Follow us on Twitter. #IgniteYourSecurity in Anaheim next month. 


Best Practices for Palo Alto Network Devices

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Want to read some of the latest Palo Alto Networks Best Practices guides available? Then look no further. Click to read more.



Smoking Out the Rarog Cryptocurrency Mining Trojan

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Unit 42 investigates Rarog, a relatively unknown coin mining Trojan sold on various underground forums. Check out this forum to learn more!



If you are using anywhere in your firewall configuration, you'll want to read this

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If you have used as a template or dummy IP, it's time to go ahead and change it -- now.


LiveWeek 29 Mar 2018

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Ignite '18. Anaheim. May 21-24. Looks like we got that bigger board we needed. Visit the Live Community at Ignite and see for yourself.  Use cases rule in (1) creating custom threat signatures from Snort signatures, (2) troubleshooting SSL decryption using dynamic address groups, and in (3) using XML-API to add and delete TS-Agents. Join us on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter. Join us to #IgniteYourSecurity. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 3.42.26 PM.png


What is the Cloud Services Portal?

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If you wonder what the Cloud Services Portal page is and what you can do with it, then click to read more info.



Export the security rulebase using XML API

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Exporting the security rulebase has been a recurring topic on the Live discussions forum and in tech support. We show you how to easily export the security rulebase using the power of XML API. 


LiveWeek 23 Mar 2018

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Traps 5.0 advanced endpoint protection FAQ, discussion, and docs. Compatibility matrix: what works best with what? More power to you with XML API. Ten things to test in your future NGFW. Limerick contest turns up lucky winners! Join us on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter. #IgniteYourSecurity -- see you at the cybersecurity conference of the year!


And the winners of the epic Reaper's St. Patrick's day Limerick competition are:

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Now the winners to you we now name

Of this, our cool Limerick game.

Our work is now done,

And we had so much fun.

Trust for you, it was surely the same.


XML-API Use Case to Add & Delete TS-Agents

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With the help of PAN-OS XML API, TS-Agents can be easily added and removed from the firewall. Check out this blog if you'd like to know how or need some help getting started with the power of XML API!


LiveWeek 16 Mar2018

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New App-IDS coming up March 20. Moderating March Madness. GlobalProtect 4.1 secures your world near and far and includes a new Linux client! New Support and PSIRT articles in the knowledge base (KB). More than 375,000 views on YouTube. Nearly 5000 subscribers. Join us on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter. The security knowledge you crave – all in one place. Join us in Anaheim for Ignite ’18 security conference. Register on the Live Community.


Compatibility: GlobalProtect on macOS 10.13.3, PAN-OS 8.1 on a PA-5280, what?

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Trying to figure out which agents are compatible with each OS and which PAN-OS can be installed on each platform type? Luckily, there's a resource you'll only need to bookmark once for all the info you need.


Traps 5.0 Advanced Endpoint Protection + FAQ

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Traps 5.0, our latest version, includes an FAQ exploring the most advanced protection for endpoints from malware, ransomware, and exploits.




New App-IDs are ready!

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We periodically release a content update with the usual updates and several new applications to accommodate new technologies, popular demand or increased usage on the web.


Keep the Ball in Your Court

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Manage the madness -- keep the ball in your court and control the clock. Only seconds in play as the NCAA tournaments launch another exciting year -- all fun and games while you get to referee.


LiveWeek 9 Mar 2018

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Activation, registration, and licensing Palo Alto Networks software and devices -- a process made simpler. GlobalProtect 4.1 gets a facelift and oh, so much more. NEW Support and PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team) areas in the community. Got a Limerick or a rhyme? Get it in while there's time. How many videos on our YouTube channel? Over 120. Subscribers? Marching steadily towards 5000. Views? Over 375,000. Be a part of that awesome. Join us on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter. Come to Ignite.


GlobalProtect 4.1 has been released

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GlobalProtect 4.1 has been released with really cool new features! Add portals, enjoy the GlobalProtect Linux client and more. Easily download desktop and mobile versions.


Activation, Registration and Licensing of Palo Alto Networks Software and Devices

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Activation, registration and licensing has always been a confusing topic, but Joe helps clarify where you can get the answers you need. Click to read more.

2018-03-06_activation registration licensing.jpg


LiveWeek 2 Mar 2018

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Our Live Community Limerick contest salutes the Irish in St. Patrick and helps Reaper clean his office -- win some loot and snag some swag for your skills! Meanwhile, Kiwi challenges you to discover the power of XML API. User-ID and GlobalProtect team up to enforce security policies -- a dynamic duo. PAN-OS 8.1 quick look and guide to more info. Check out the ruggedized PA-220R NGFW. Join us on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter. Come to Ignite.


Reaper's St. Patrick's Day Limerick Contest

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There once was a guy with some loot.

Inventing contests to give it away was a hoot.

A whole bunch of shirts.

More than he could assert--

before you know it they'll all be en route.


The Power of XML API!

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XML API might seem complex and daunting, but it's extremely powerful at the same time. Check out this blog that explains how you can get the config logs from your device using the XML API. Up to you to improvise, adapt, and overcome other ways to use this powerful tool!


LiveWeek 23 Feb 2018

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PAN-OS 8.1 and ruggedized NGFW are waiting in the wings! LiveWire newsletter is ready with tips for your free contribution. Tech Docs speaks of two steps forward with Magnifier and the Cloud Services Portal. Join more than 350,000 views of our YouTube channel and check out the latest: Searching Through Logs -- Where Do I Start? Grab the popcorn and settle in for more than 120 videos on our channel, follow us on Twitter, and prepare for Ignite, right?


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