I'm gonna make him a NAT rule he can't refuse

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 Most of the time, your NAT rules will be pretty simple, there's going to be a trust to untrust so your users can go out and surf the web, and then there's the untrust to untrust so your webserver is accessible to the outside.


DotW: URL Categories - match different categories

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This week's discussion of the week talks about what happens when a single URL returns more than 1 URL category and how to verify which one is used in a security policy.



LiveWeek 10:2017

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March Madness is in full swing - use Custom App-ID to manage it.  Go beyond default response pages.  Set up your log forwarding like a pro!  Learn about GlobalProtect on-demand and get more security with GlobalProtect in user-logon mode.  Step by step demo on how to configure the Panorama access domain to limit administrative access.  Threats and Dynamic Updates for U. 


Azure to PAN VPN (A is for..)

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Do you want to know more about Microsoft Azure and how to configure a VPN to a Palo Alto Networks firewall? If so, please click to read all about it.



There's a key?!

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Every door has a key. Did you know your firewall has one too?


Custom Response Pages

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Don't want no dull or default response page? Find out how to make more dynamic and explanatory response pages!


LiveWeek 9:2017

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Use things to block stuff. Running into a wall trying to make sense of all the logging? Learn how to set up logging like a pro! Do you want GlobalProtect but still want full control over connecting and disconnecting? GlobalProtect on-demand is exactly what you want. As an administrator, you want to control those naughty users and make sure they follow company policy at all times. Let GlobalProtect with user-logon take care of that for you! T is for Threats and U is for Updates and this is all 4 U!


Make more sense using filtered log forwarding

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Are you running into a wall when trying to make sense of all the logging? Don't be that guy and check out this article to find out how you can set up your log forwarding like a pro!


Blocking stuff with things

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If you need to block a certain type of application but are not sure how, there may be an interesting trick you haven't considered yet.


LiveWeek 8:2017

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Check out our closed captioned video and Harden Your Configuration while watching...or reading along! A user new to Palo Alto Networks needs to migrate the configuration from a Cisco ASA firewall to Palo Alto Networks. Migrating a configuration can be tricky if you have more than a few rules. If you have copious rules, and thousands of objects, groups, and IP addresses, you'll want to abandon the manual mission and use our tool instead.


LiveWeek 7:2017

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Our Solutions Engineers are sentries on the watch. Joe helps defeat the threats knocking at your door. Tom wants the door closed and your firewall secured. Kim helps with any trouble committing the latest change, so you're assured your firewall performs as you expect. Get the latest news and views-- straight from our Solutions Engineers -- as they share info, insight, and tips exclusive to the Live Community. Read our blogs, join our discussions and jump on board. Register and become a member now.


More security with GlobalProtect in user-logon mode!

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As an administrator, you want to control those naughty users and make sure they follow company policy at all times! GlobalProtect with user-logon will take care of that for you! Check this out to prevent your assets from being infected with all sorts of nasties!


What’s this security policy ‘type’ thing anyway?

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Ever sat behind your keyboard cursing because you needed to create 1001 security policies and wished there was an easier way?



Full control with GlobalProtect on-demand!

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So you want GlobalProtect but still want to have full control over connecting and disconnecting? GlobalProtect on-demand is just what you need ! Read all about it right here!


LiveWeek 6:2017

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The community speaks of love -- everywhere -- in the cloud, in your network, in your data center, with your SaaS apps, your users all. We LOVE Joe, Tom, and Kim's new signature blogs about threat, leaving your firewall open like your front door (not!), and keeping up with all your logs. You've got questions, we've got answers, for PAN-OS 8.0 and more. Join thousands of other subscribers to our YouTube channel, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, all good things.


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), what can I do to protect myself?

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This could be you

DDoS illustrated with fish :)DDoS illustrated with fish :)


What about Threats? (T is for...)

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Are you searching for specific threat information, but cannot find it?  Confused if Palo Alto Networks has coverage for a certain threat? Read more about Palo Alto Networks and our unique and thorough approach to the threat landscape.



You wouldn't leave your front door open - so why would you your firewall?

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Reaper goes over a couple of best practices to ensure your management interface does not get pwnz0red


Log Retention ... what, how, where?

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Your device can only store so many logs.  Where did my older logs go ? Why am I only seeing 2 days of logs ? Are my older logs gone ? 


Log RetentionLog Retention


LiveWeek 5:2017

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Clouds are happy and so are we, with the latest on our colossal security event and unveiling of PAN-OS 8.0 in the Live Community! Check out our articles, discussions, blogs and more and secure the cloud, the network, data center, SaaS, users, and your entire cyberworld. Globs of blogs, from PAN-OS 8.0 to our Solution Engineers' blogs. Joe, Tom, and Kim open up, and we think you'll like what you see, from wrestling with a commit to getting your updates -- with and without the internet. Take a look!


Getting updates from the internet without internet access ?

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Reaper shows you a cool way to get your system updates from the internet even if your management interface is located in an Out Of Band network


Why is this commit not working ?

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Ever felt confused as to why your latest change isn't being committed properly ? Read Kiwi's latest blog to learn all about where to look during commit issues, how to start debugging, useful links, and so on.


Am I getting my updates? (U is for Updates)

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Read Joe's latest blog to learn all about about Dynamic Updates, how to schedule them and how to check for updates.




LiveWeek 4:2017

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What more can your firewall do? Your firewall can generate custom reports to keep you posted about everything happening in your network. Like that? You'll also like our focus on GlobalProtect this week: Take a look at changes in the Windows user login experience between recent versions of Microsoft Windows and the impact on GlobalProtect SSO.  Learn about configuring GlobalProtect, AD passwords using GlobalProtect, autoscaling GlobalProtect in AWS and more.


LiveWeek 3:2017

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The Palo Alto Networks firewall comes with 2 implied security policies unless overruled. See why the intrazone and interzone default rules are important. An about-face to u-turn NAT. How to block URLs that have a particular pattern or string. How to use AutoFocus. Threat intelligence gone awesome in Minemeld. Get the help and security you need with Microsoft Office 365. OPSWAT support charts and more.


LiveWeek 2:2017

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Block keywords and URLs with a particular pattern or string. Why use a VPN proxy ID? How to use AutoFocus. Using the Next Generation firewall as a PPPOE or a DHCP client. We speak Geek and more. Check out our migration tool, go mining with MineMeld, get support for Microsoft Office 365 and be sure to subscribe to our LiveWire newsletter.


LiveWeek 1:2017

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Small office or off the grid? You may need to configure your external interface as a DHCP or PPPoE client, and we show you how. Let the firewall help minimize your exposure, even with asymmetric routing. You'll love the protection that Multi-Level Encoding coupled with a strong security policy bring to your file blocking profile. Custom reports from the email scheduler vs the WebGUI. Welcome to LiveWeek 2017, and be sure to subscribe to LiveWire, our community newsletter!


Weekly Recap 52

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Planning a hardware update and want to reuse the config file? Learn how to restore configuration between platforms. Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and import the signed certificate. Beyond QoS = policy based forwarding. We show you how to bypass the routing table and still limit or guarantee bandwidth. Protect against DoS attacks with policies to match zone, interface, IP address, or user information. Loopback to 2016 and a lookahead to 2017. Subscribe to the LiveWire newsletter.


Weekly Recap 51

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Protect against DoS attacks. Blocked traffic with an allow log?!  Beyond Quality of Service (QoS) to limit or guarantee bandwidth, the firewall has another cool trick, bypassing the routing table with policy based forwarding (PBF). Opening a support case on routing issues -- we show you how. MineMeld. Microsoft Office 365 safe deployment. OPSWAT support charts. Your community, in your language. Willkomen!



Weekly Recap 50

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Get the help you need to troubleshoot routing issues (OSPF & BGP). Proprietary apps or traffic you need to identify? Let a custom App-ID help. Scheduled, custom reports that 'tell all' about what's happening on your network. Block web ads with an 'Ad blocked' page. More actions with threat signatures and logging. OPSWAT support charts. MineMeld. AWS and Azure. Safely deploy Microsoft Office 365 and more to see, do, learn, and share in the community.