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6 hours ago

which policy will it take to trigger the alerts??

Hi Friends, We have a policy called "Azure SQL Server audit log retention is less than 91 days" with several alerts triggered for this.Now we hav...

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67 3

List user policies and actions

Hi, Can someone help me with an RQL to display the list of Users, policies attached, and the actions allowed in the policies. I want to be a...

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4 weeks ago


Hi All, I just Integrated Slack with my Redlock Account, and during test run, I got the message from the username"Prisma cloud test notification"...

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3 weeks ago

Error with RQL joint and atributes with dot

Hello, I have an error when we are implementing a RQL query in the Investigate tab.We make a join query searching in a VMs list and a NICs list i...

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timeRange absolute 400 Bad Request

Hi, Am trying to fetch alerts based upon an absolute timerange to ensure I don't continuously run into timeouts with my queries (want to get all ...

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Prisma Cloud: Securing the Cloud (EDU-150)

This course discusses Prisma Cloud and includes the following topics: accessing Prisma Cloud and onboarding cloud accounts, monitoring cloud resources, generating reports for standards compliance, investigating security violations, resolving security violation alerts, integrating Prisma Cloud with third-party security platforms and SIEMs, and troubleshooting common issues.

For an overview of this course, please watch the video below.

To access this course please visit

(Note: you will need a Palo Alto Networks user ID to access the courseware.)

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