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2 weeks ago

HTTP 400 error on API call

Hi, I'm trying to inject custom policies using API call , however before doing that i need to create "Saved search" , that is later used as descr...

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a week ago

Creating a Policy when a new EIP is attached in AWS

Hi, I have had times when end users assign an EIP to a EC2 instance causing some exposure. Is there a way I can create a policy to alert me when ...

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a week ago

Exclude certain default VPCs/resource name in a cloud account in the compliance report

Onboarded our cloud account and had created a recurring compliance report. Some 'default' resource name were included in the report. How can we exclud...

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a week ago

Automate Newly created cloud account in Prisma cloud

Hi,Can anyone direct me to a document or script that can be used to automate account onboarding whenever a new AWS account is created in the organisat...

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Console URL for Prisma Cloud Compute

While following the documentation at

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Prisma Cloud Videos

Prisma Cloud: Securing the Cloud (EDU-150)

This course discusses Prisma Cloud and includes the following topics: accessing Prisma Cloud and onboarding cloud accounts, monitoring cloud resources, generating reports for standards compliance, investigating security violations, resolving security violation alerts, integrating Prisma Cloud with third-party security platforms and SIEMs, and troubleshooting common issues.

For an overview of this course, please watch the video below.

To access this course please visit

(Note: you will need a Palo Alto Networks user ID to access the courseware.)

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