Terraform Provider Version 1.2.0 Released

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L5 Sessionator

Terraform Provider Version 1.2.0


The Palo Alto Networks Terraform provider, panos version 1.2.0 has been released! This release includes some requested enhancements as well as some new resources.


The updated documentation for the panos provider can be found here.




  • New Resource: panos_telemetry
  • New Resource: panos_security_policy_group [GH-20]
  • New Resource: panos_panorama_security_policy_group [GH-20]




  • The new DatType param is now required if you are doing destination address translation in your NAT policies. This applies to both panos_nat_policy and panos_panorama_nat_policy. Please update your plan files accordingly.




  • panos_nat_policy and panos_panorama_nat_policy now support PAN-OS 8.1's dynamic destination NAT address type [GH-25]




  • Creating Panorama service objects in device groups has been fixed. [GH-26]