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Using the ansible modules with panorama

We use Panorama for our firewalls.  I see in most of the modules it says "panorama supported" but I don't see any documentation on declaring what template or device-group you are altering the configuration of.   Did I miss some documentation here?  


Resolved! Ansible panos_facts Config Sub Set

Good afternoon team,


I need to obtain values such as the Panorama server IP from a firewall to accomplish a project using Ansible and the paloaltonetworks.panos 2.2.0 collection. The panos_facts module with the config subset specified outputs what ap


Software download API

Hello all, 

are you aware of Palo Alto dynamic updates portal API? 

We are trying to automate content update version check across multiple firewalls. We just need to get the latest dynamic content, release date, etc. to automate  identifying potential


batd2 by L4 Transporter
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Resolved! Pan-os-python with Panorama



I'm using the following code to check and create rules on my test-palo device:


This is more or less just the example from the github page and it's working fine.

I check the current Rules on the firewall before I start adding rules.


fw = panos.f...

mseiler by L1 Bithead
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Terraform certificate deployment



Looking for a Terraform resource to deploy certificates on the Palo Alto firewalls. Looks that it is done through script but using Terraform would be better. Is this kind of feature request to add this resource in the provider?



XML API call creates persistent Web session

In the CLI, "show admins" will report my current CLI session.

If I also log into the Web interface, "show admins" will now show a Web session in addition to the CLI session.

After I click "logout" on the Web interface, "show admins" reveals that my Web


doug.fsu by L0 Member
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Resolved! Beginners questions, some errors.


Some time ago, I've started PaloAlto automation using ansible. At first I've used roles, and everything worked fine, but it's no longer supported, so I decided to use collections.

I'm using Ansible 2.9.6, installed on Ubuntu 20.04LTS

I've installed


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