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Ansible-pan with Ansible Tower and Git

We are using Ansible Tower 3.5 and Ansible 2.8 to schedule and run network and security automation playbooks. We are looking at using the Ansible Galaxy modules for automating PANOS configurations. I was able to write the playbooks to do what we need


Pandevice/panpython, checksum?

Why are not this hosted at palo altos own site? Yes im abit paranoid but i have never understod why this kind of packages are hosted at pip?  At least if they are hosted at external site. Would it not be possible to implement something like this http


hbalzac by L3 Networker
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Ansible - Show ARP table



I have been trying to use Ansible to retrieve the arp table from a PA FW. Logging in with ssh, it's a quick and easy "show arp all", but using Ansible, I am struggling. I was sure panos_op would work with "show arp all", but it doesn't.

I also loo


Resolved! [API/Ansible] Manipulating users and groups



Is there an available API call (XML or REST) or Ansible command that can be used to:

1) create a user group

2) add an existing user to the newly created group


I looked through the API docs and Ansible collection docs, but wasn't able to find any


Resolved! [Ansible] Commit



I've noticed that Ansible will commit changes by default, False option doesn't seem to influence it.


For example, if Ansible adds security rule for - it will not be committed.

Next run, adding rule for, will commit the rul


How to perform a full firewall backup?


How can I get a full backup including all settings, objects and security policies? The firewall is not managed by Panorama, I would like to be able to automate backup&restore process with Ansible and paloaltonetworks collection.




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