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Traffic log query using curl and retrieval

Hi Team,


I presume pan devices allow API requests for traffic query using curl. Attempted following query using curl with no success. Got a prompt w/o any complaint. I was expecting job id so that I can query later


curl -s -k 'https://firewall/api/?t


Resolved! Pandevice: create firewall policy

Hello community,

I've been playing around with pandevice (and pan-python) and get the basics running. 


But I can't find any example of a script that creates a security policy on a sinlge PA or on Panorama with python. 


I kindly ask the community to sh


mseiler by L1 Bithead
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Resolved! Adding Zones/Tags with XML API

So I have been REPLACING tags and zones with the xml API with great success. What I have yet to do is figure out how to ADD tags or zones without disturbing the existing objects...or even replace them with multiple tags/zones


Working replacement of a


Tag Selfsign Certificate Website using DAG

1. automatically tag ip address of websites that using self sign certificate

then use that tag ip as input of Dynamic Address Group


1. is that possible

2. any doc that show me the steps

something like this


nbctcp by L1 Bithead
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api error illegal paramater

Hi all,

          I have just started to working on API and following documentation from this site.


Sent my first request to the firewall but response came as op: "URLError: code: 400 reason: Illegal para


2020-04-25 19_43_53-API Key Generation — panos-xml-api-rtd 1.3 documentation.png
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