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Baidu applications

Baidu as a very famous applications which is very annoying to user?

why don't you have APP-ID' for its applications like pc faster, antivirus, browser

could you please add his apps to the APP-ID engine?



Regex from IronPort to PanOS 6.1.1

We have a bunch of regex values in an IronPort box that we would like to use in a data filtering policy. I looked over the regex doc and our seems to match the PA doc but I get an invalid regex error wh


care1 by Not applicable
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PHP - XML to Array

So I've been working with the API pretty frequently and have run into a bit of a snag that has caught me now a few times.  I'm using CURL with PHP to interact and whenever I get a response, I do a conversion as such:

$xmlarr = json_decode(json_encode(


XSD Schema for XML API?

Hi everyone,

Is there any XSD to validate XML files? I got something similar to XSD from https://<hostname>/php/utils/schema.php. But if I use the result of this response in an XSD validation, many errors appear related to the schema format. It seems


Email Reporting options


I would like to automatically send csv based reporting information in addition to the pdf format information.  I can not find an easy way to automatically send csv or xml based information via the WebGUI.  Is there an existing enhancvement request


tyrone by L0 Member
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Resolved! Use XML API to export device state?

I am trying to figure out how to use the XML API to export the device state.

Looking through the PAN-OS XML API document (PAN-OS and Panorama XML API Reference Guide 6.0), I found that I should use 'type=export&category=device-state'.  But I don't see


Regex evaluating new line carriage ?

I have a Splunk server that logs all Acitve Directory authentication events on my network. I have set up a syslog feed from the Splunk server to the Palo Alto. On the Palo Alto, I have created a syslog filter and added the Splunk as a User-ID syslog


PreDefined SSN Pattern Match

Hi All,

A Social Security number (SSN) CANNOT :

* Contain all zeroes in any specific group (ie 000-##-####, ###-00-####, or ###-##-0000)
* Begin with ‘666’.
* Begin with any value from ‘900-999′
* Be ‘078-05-1120′ (due to the Woolworth’s Wallet F


rsingh by L2 Linker
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RegEx looking for a specific UserAgent.

I tried to migrate over my Cisco IPS regex to Palo Alto but it failed to load. Below is my Cisco Regex.


I tried creating a new pattern but it is to specific and


scantwell by L4 Transporter
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