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Privileges for PCAP export via API

Hi,We've been trying to use the API for automated PCAP exporting, but seem to be unable to pinpoint what exact privileges are needed. The API export privilege does not seem to be enough, even though the PCAP's are under the export category.Does anyon...


We are a school district with a growing number of Chromebooks. We are having problems identifying what student is on the Chromebook. We have a work around right now (Captive Portal), but it relies on the student shutting down the Chromebook when they...

report global vpn

HelloI'm looking for solution how to create custom report that shows login and logout of Global VPN users. In this report I need time of connection/disconnection IP login name and status (success or false) of connection.Help me pleaseWith regardsLuig...

Help With An IPS Signature

I need to determine if a custom signature can be built to block traffic based on specific string in a URL request, such as: skn=8392I've since asked support and they've told me to post my question here as they saw nothing wrong with how things are co...

listing signature script moved to GitHub

Hello,I have posted following thread and attached a python script before, but this has already been obsolete. Please don't use this.Listing all of vulnerability or phone-home signatureI posted the latest version to GitHub instead. The URL is as follo...

tmyzw by L2 Linker
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Controlling Google's Hangout app

Has anyone here dealt with Googles hangout app for mobile devices going through the firewall. The customer wants to allow hangout chat but not file-transfer or video calling. The apps sees it as google-talk and under it is gtalk-voice, google-talk-ba...

dkillpack by L3 Networker
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Pipe commands to CLI with plink....

Hi,In my struggle to switch my captive portal rules on and off during the day I want to run a script to achieve this. I use a .bat file containing the following line:c:\test\plink.exe -ssh -l admin -pw mypassword -m c:\test\enable.txtTh...