Celebrating Women’s History Month - Q&A with Renee Tsedaka

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Join us in celebrating Women’s History Month! We honor the strong pathfinders and trailblazers who came before us and those who continue to push for a more just, equitable society. While International Women's Day was first celebrated on March 8 in 1911, Women's History Month grew from a Women's History Week, first celebrated in 1978. Two years later in 1980, March was designated Women's History Month.


This whole month is a time to recognize the strides Women have made throughout the years and continue to make across the world. We had the amazing opportunity to connect with a female peer here at Palo Alto Networks, Renee Tsedaka, Cortex Customer Success Project Coordinator - Digital First. She wants to share her experiences and advice with all of you. Renee continues to inspire others in the workplace, and we are excited for you to learn more about her.


LIVEcommunity Team: How long have you been working in IT/cybersecurity, and how did you get into the field? Can you talk a bit about what it’s like to be a woman in a historically male-dominated field, and how the industry has changed?

Renee: I shifted from marketing-advertising and web design to cybersecurity a year ago when I joined PANW, but I was fortunate to be around cyber and operations throughout my military career. I’m pleased to see more and more women leading teams and departments helping to reconstruct gendered jobs and positions.  QA Renee.jpg


LIVEcommunity Team: How do you think women have shaped and changed the workplace / PANW?
Renee: Efficiency. Women lead with efficiency in mind, pushing all of us to focus on what matters. The women of PANW help to raise the glass ceiling a little higher each day, and I’m proud to be part of that.


LIVEcommunity Team: Who are the women you look up to? Are there any important mentors or influences in your professional or personal life you’d like to share with us?
Renee: I believe that mothers all over the world should be looked up to. Making hard choices, putting their lives and careers on hold, especially my mom, who worked full time and raised 4 kids while my dad was serving in the military for 24 years. 

LIVEcommunity Team: Do you have any morning rituals that you can’t go without? Or: What’s one thing you do to set your day up for success?

Renee: My morning starts the night before, organizing and setting up the most important tasks for the next day. I typically wake up at 4:50 am for my morning run and workout, followed by school prep with my 3 kiddos and coffee with my husband. At 7:30-8 am, you will probably find me logged in and starting my day. I manage a lot of tasks during the day, and I like to plan my week ahead with some flexibility for last-minute/urgent tasks. I set realistic deadlines and allow each task to get the right amount of time it needs to be completed. 


LIVEcommunity Team: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Renee: As a former marketing manager, I love looking at data and making educated decisions based on that, so I’d say my favorite part is data analysis and creating better resources and experience for our customers and the teams I’m working with. 


LIVEcommunity Team: Where will we find you on the weekend?

Renee: Hiking with my family, cooking, running, or tasting good food with friends! 


LIVEcommunity Team: What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Renee: Don’t be afraid to glorify your achievements! It is your right to champion yourself. 


LIVEcommunity Team: What else would you like to mention to readers?

Renee: I believe we have the power to influence our present and mindset (I try to be positive, and I’m not always successful in that!). Be generous. Be generous to your family, your neighbors, your community, and your friends. Be generous to yourself, you deserve that.   

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