DOTW: Can't Find Asset Information During Case Creation Process

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In the past few weeks, I've seen a couple discussions from users having difficulties creating a support case. More specifically, users have been unable to add assets during the Get Help case creation process.


First of all, I'd like to mention that creating a case has gotten a facelift recently. The update should help our users find a solution to their specific problem more easily thanks to the added AI during the case creation process. Check out the article in case you missed it and find out how the new Get Help Journey can help you find a solution to your problem faster than ever: The New Get Help Journey For Customers Is Here.






I won't go through the entire Get Help Journey here but at some point during the Get Help process you're supposed to enter your asset information (A) or search for your asset (B):




I've seen several cases where customers are unable to fill out the form with their asset information or even where customer can't find an asset when they click on the 'Find' button.


The most common reason why you won't find any assets during the Get Help process is most likely related to the type of support contract that you have. Many customers (mostly outside U.S.) have some form of partner support contract—for example, Premium Partner Support)—meaning they can't open cases with Palo Alto Networks directly but instead they will need to get support from their ASC (Authorized Support Center) partners.


4 devices having a Premium Partner Support contract4 devices having a Premium Partner Support contract



Another reason why you can't fill out the asset information is because you possibly skipped a few steps in the Get Help Journey process.

If you don't fill out the required fields or select any tags, the "Find and Select Asset" button won't activate as displayed below.


Get Help Form Has Mandatory Steps In Order To ProceedGet Help Form Has Mandatory Steps In Order To Proceed



Having problems creating a case or finding your assets? Please check if any of the above scenarios apply.


Additional information:


Feel free to share your questions, comments and ideas in the section below.


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