Automate Use Case Lab Creation and Showcase Cloud NGFW Benefits on Azure

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Unlock the power of Cloud NGFW on Azure effortlessly! Dive into a streamlined solution—automating your end-to-end lab creation with Azure VWAN and Spoke VNets. Seamlessly connect workloads to the Hub, while effortlessly integrating Cloud NGFW into Azure Virtual WAN. Perfect for Palo Alto Field Teams and Partners eager to independently build and showcase the transformative benefits of Cloud NGFW for Azure.


 Flight Plan

  • What are you going to Build..?
  • Demo Lab Topology
  • Use Cases to Demonstrate
  • Lab Guide to use


What Are You Going to Build?


Problem Statement

  • How can I building end to end lab with required tools installed to showcase the use cases/benefits of Cloud NGFW



  • Automate the process to build entire lab with Azure VWAN and Spoke VNets (with required workloads and tools installed) connected to the Hub
  • Help with steps involved to integrate Cloud NGFW into Azure Virtual WAN
  • Showcase how Cloud NGFW can secure your workloads on Azure



  • Audience for this document include Palo Alto Field Teams and Partners who want to automatically build end to end lab on their own and showcase the benefits of Cloud NGFW for Azure


Demo Lab Topology


Fig 1_Demo-Lab-Topology_palo-alto-networks.png


Lab Topology

As per the Lab Topology:

  • Use ARM template (mentioned in the lab guide attached below) to create
    • Azure Virtual WAN with a Hub
    • Spoke VNet with a Web server and required tools installed
    • Spoke VNet with DB server and required tools installed
    • Connect Spoke VNets with VWAN Hub
    • Azure Log Analytics Workspace
  • Create Cloud NGFW by integrating into the VWAN Hub created using ARM template


Use Cases to Demonstrate


  • How to Secure Azure VWAN Hub traffic using Cloud NGFW - Routing Intent
  • Secure Inbound access to Web application through Cloud NGFW
  • East-West Security using Cloud NGFW - Secure MySQL against an Attack from Web Server
  • Secure Outbound internet access through Cloud NGFW


Lab Guide to Use


Please refer to detailed step-by-step instructions mentioned in the lab guide available in below mentioned location to Build Your Own Lab and showcase the benefits of Cloud NGFW for Azure.


For your convenience, the Lab Guide is attached to this article.

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