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Read part 2 of 3 of the New Cloud Service offerings, GlobalProtect Cloud Service. See what's new and how it will help your network stay secure. Read about the cloud services plugin, service infrastructure, service connections, and remote networks.Got questions? Get answers on LIVEcommunity.



NOTE: GlobalProtect Cloud Service has changed to Prisma Access.



In part 1 of the new cloud service offerings, we talked about the Logging Service. In part 2, we'll turn our attention to GlobalProtect Cloud service offerings.


Running a large business with employees located around the globe can be a pain when it comes to scaling GlobalProtect across your infrastructure and keeping it secure at the same time. But with Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect Cloud Service, things are about to become a lot simpler. With this new offering, Palo Alto Networks can deploy next-gen firewalls and GlobalProtect portals and gateways just where you need them, no matter where you need them. 


GlobalProtect Cloud Service offering consists of 5 components:

  • Cloud Services Plugin - This is a Plugin for Panorama that provides logging and GlobalProtect, as well as a simple interface to configure and manage users.
  • Service Infrastructure - GlobalProtect Cloud service will use an RFC 1918-compliant subnet that does not overlap with other IP addresses you use internally, and will create an infrastructure to support your users.
  • Service Connections - This is an optional service that is included with your GlobalProtect Cloud service, but it allows you to connect up to 3 IPSec tunnels to your headquarters or data centers.
  • Remote Networks - This feature will automatically deploy next-gen firewalls in the regions that you need. All you need is an IPSec device to connect to the GlobalProtect Cloud service to route traffic.
  • Mobile Users - This feature will deploy GlobalProtect Portals and Gateways to allow mobile users to connect to.


Watch our video to learn about the new GlobalProtect Cloud Service offering.


For even more information about our GlobalProtect Cloud service offering, please see the Prisma Access Administrator’s Guide.

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Happy New Year 2018!!


Stay secure!

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