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As cloud and container adoption continues to accelerate, so do Palo Alto Network's cloud offerings and their support. The VM-Series and CN-Series Next-Generation firewalls extend layer 7 visibility and security features in public/private cloud, virtualized environments, and applications in containerized environments. Check out these new features that you can take advantage of.




  • Azure3.2.0 Plugin – Have you been experiencing issues with limited workload visibility in your Azure environment? the 3.2.0 plugin increases your visibility from 100 to up to 500 monitoring definitions. For more information, see the Panorama Plugin for Azure 3.2.0.
  • Suse Hypervisor Qualification – Download a base image from the Customer Support Portal to run on your SLES distribution. For more information, see the VM-Series Firewall Hypervisor Support.





NEW TO OUR VM-SERIES & CN-SERIES? Check out these links:



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