Palo Alto Networks' New Advanced URL Filtering Security Subscription

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Palo Alto Networks has just released a brand-new Advanced URL Filtering Security Subscription service to further add to your firewall functionality.


Traditionally, standard URL filtering will not provide a real-time solution. A database is downloaded to your firewall, introducing a vulnerable delay in which malicious URLs can pass through.


This new Advanced URL Filtering Security Subscription works alongside with your current PAN-DB URL Filtering solution to offer a real-time URL analysis and malware protection. 


According to PAN's TechDoc on the matter:


"Advanced URL filtering is enabled through the URL filtering profile and uses the same configuration settings. If you already have an operational URL filtering deployment, no additional configuration is necessary to take advantage of advanced URL filtering—all web requests designated as risky are automatically forwarded for analysis. URLs analyzed using advanced URL filtering are displayed in the logs using the category real-time-detection, in addition to the threat type." *


This subscription service is available on PAN-OS 9.0 and later firewalls with Content Release 8390-6607.
Please note that this service is NOT currently available on CN-Series firewalls.


Read more about Palo Alto Networks new real-time URL filtering subscription service in the PAN-OS New Features Guide.


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