Prisma SD-WAN Is Now Compatible With ServiceNow Integration CloudBlade

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Hello everyone,

As cloud environments evolve, so do integrations with other products—and that's certainly the case with Prisma SD-WAN. We are thrilled to announce Palo Alto Network’s Prisma SD-WAN integration with ServiceNowThis integration allows organizations to modernize IT operations and fully automate their incident management to enable a digital IT workflow.


Automation, Automation, Automation

IT operations face many daily operations challenges, like troubleshooting, managing, and resolving support tickets. Automating those daily tasks saves time, money, effort, and improves IT operations and functions.


The industry’s first next-generation SD-WAN integration with one of the top cloud-based SaaS providers in the market, ServiceNow Integration CloudBlade, not only dramatically simplifies and modernizes IT operations; it also handles incident-impact based on customized events to significantly improve end-user experience.

Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlades overviewPrisma SD-WAN CloudBlades overview


Prisma SD-WAN’s turnkey integration with ServiceNow Integration CloudBlade provides multiple benefits for new and existing customers:


Automate Incident Management with Customized Configuration

  • Automates granular incident updates, including criticality, impacted entity, and correlated or suppressed events to the ServiceNow platform in real-time.
  • Identifies the incident category and assigns it to the right IT team for immediate attention and resolution.
  • Enables timely notifications through various mediums, including email and texts, to significantly improve response time.


Optimize Incident Reporting to Reduce Operational Overhead

  • Offers the flexibility to subscribe to selective incidents and consolidate, based on event types to prioritize incident-handling more effectively.
  • Instantaneously updates correlated events using AIOps and machine learning to ServiceNow to reduce redundancy.
  • Automates status updates of resolved and suppressed incidents for customer and employee transparency.


Maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Reduce Incident Impact

  • Delivers network SLAs with service providers and third-party vendors to improve performance and customer confidence.
  • Provides seamless updates to ServiceNow Integration CloudBlade, ensuring zero-downtime.
  • Prioritizes incidents specific to branch, applications, or incident type for a speedy resolution and reduce incident impact.


Watch this video demonstration of Prisma SD-WAN integration with ServiceNow:



Find more info about PAN's Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlades platform:


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