Training: Optimizing Firewall Threat Prevention (EDU-114)

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Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

For anyone looking to improve their overall threat prevention posture and have not checked out our e-learning opportunities just yet, I have some good news for you.


The Global Enablement team at Palo Alto Networks (or in short, the EDU team) has just released the PAN-OS 9.0 version of their EDU-114 training, which is a course centered around optimizing your security stance by analyzing logs and reviewing reports, understanding bad sources, and leveraging App-ID.


The whole course will take approximately 8 hours to complete, not including optional lab work.

It is recommended that you have attended the EDU-210 instructor led or EDU-110 e-learning Firewall Essentials course




The training consists of 10 modules, including the cyber-attack lifecycle, blocking packet and protocol based attacks, creating custom signatures and blocking threats from stolen credentials, which I think are pretty cool!


At the end of the course, we've included an open-book self-assessment designed to serve as an objective indication of your newly acquired knowledge. As always, please feel free to add comments below if you want to discuss certain topics in more detail or open the discussion up to peers in the wide community through the general discussion forum.




Before you can access this training, you must already have a Palo Alto Networks account in our Learning Center. If you do not have an existing account with Palo Alto Networks, go to the Learning Center login page to register for an account. Select the appropriate user type and follow the directions provided to create an account. Be sure to register using your business or academic email address based on your relationship with Palo Alto Networks.


If you already have an account, the course is available directly at


Check out the Digital Learning page to learn about the full range of free digital learning we have on offer!




Happy learning!

Reaper out


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