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L4 Transporter

By Terri Chen, Program Manager



Introducing Our New Prisma Cloud TechDocs Site




What's new in Techdocs


  •  Discover collections, use cases, release notes, and more in the improved left navigation.


  •  New content collections that include conceptual and workflow details.


  •  In-page anchors, light/dark mode, and enhanced web layout for better reading.


4 New Sections

  • Use cases in Operationalize


  • Enterprise Edition Documentation


  • Compute Edition Documentation


  • Enterprise Edition—Classic Documentation






Use Cases in Operationalize


3 Phases to Operationalized


  • Secure the Source


  • Secure the Infrastructure


  • Secure the Runtime






Enterprise Edition Documentation


  • Access all the Enterprise Edition documentation


  • Expand the arrow to view content in each category






  • See Runtime Security for Compute content


  • Select Classic Releases to see all previous release notes






Compute Edition Documentation


  • Select the arrow for the list of supported Compute versions








Enterprise Edition—Classic Documentation


  • Select Classic Releases to see all previous release notes






Feel free to file a Support Ticket or reach out to your Customer Success Team for additional assistance.





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