Palo Alto Networks Introduces Complete Zero Trust Network Security

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An all-encompassing Zero Trust approach to network security is critical for safeguarding productivity in the new reality of remote, mobile and hybrid work. To help organizations accomplish Zero Trust, we’re introducing complete Zero Trust Network Security with several industry-first innovations that protect against emerging threats while enabling full employee productivity and cloud adoption and secure a world where any user can work anywhere without restrictions. 


To secure access in today’s hybrid workplaces, we’re releasing an integrated cloud access security broker (CASB) that keeps pace with the explosion of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications; a Cloud Identity Engine that makes it easy to verify user identity; expanded DNS Security; and industry-first protection against zero-day web threats with a new Advanced URL Filtering service. Along with new ML-Powered NGFW appliances, these innovations are all designed to meet the immediate and future needs of flexible work. Join our upcoming launch event series to learn more. 


Zero Trust—Why it Matters for Productivity

Treating every connection the same is the foundation of Zero Trust Network Security. It has a profound effect on employee productivity. By removing implied trust, implied distrust is also removed. That way, being “off the network” is no longer an inhibitor. Employees can enjoy the same secure access to all applications from any location, completely seamless and transparent to them. Imagine, as a user, having consistent access and protection for every connection without even thinking about it. While it benefits employees, it benefits internal security greatly as well.


Our newly announced capabilities offer complete Zero Trust Network Security, helping organizations deliver on the productivity promise of hybrid work:


  • Secure access to the right applications: The first integrated CASB that lets you automatically see and secure new applications, protect data and prevent cloud threats.
  • Secure access for the right users: With the introduction of our Cloud Identity Engine, we’re simplifying Zero Trust adoption. Cloud Identity Engine enables you to consistently authenticate and authorize your users regardless of where user identity lives – on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. As a result, users can securely access applications and data regardless of their location.    
  • Enhanced security: As applications move to the cloud and people work from anywhere, securing the web has become harder yet more urgent. Existing solutions lack real-time prevention capabilities to protect against modern threats.
    • Advanced URL Filtering uses the industry’s first inline ML-powered web protection engine to stop unknown web-based attacks in real-time, preventing patient zero from malware, phishing, and credential theft.
    • DNS is a pervasive but easily overlooked attack surface. Adversaries take advantage of this, with over 80% of malware using DNS to establish command-and-control. DNS Security gives you automated protections, prevents attackers from bypassing security measures, and eliminates the need for independent tools or changes to DNS routing.
  • Making secure access universally available: Two new ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall models enable Zero Trust Network Security across your enterprise—from the smallest branch office to the largest data center and cloud environments—featuring a new line-up of compact, quiet, resilient designs for the branch office and a single high-performance modular design for every large campus and data center.
    • The PA-5450 delivers world class performance for hyperscale data center, internet edge and campus segmentation deployments. It offers 120 Gbps throughput with security services enabled, four times more than the previous generation. It is purpose-built to apply decryption and ML-powered security to stop zero day attacks, as well as known threats. PA-5450 secures your traffic, which is almost fully encrypted today. Compare that with competitive offerings, which usually take a drastic performance hit when new security services are enabled. 
    • The PA-400 Series is ideal for the distributed enterprise branch offices, and brings Palo Alto Networks best-in-class security at Fortinet prices. Compared to the previous generation, the PA-400 Series offers up to ten times higher performance with security services and decryption enabled. It reboots five times faster, enabling much shorter maintenance windows. Zero-touch provisioning simplifies deployment to tens, hundreds, or thousands of branches. Compact and quiet with multiple mounting options, this platform is optimized for remote locations, thanks to a fanless design and built-in power redundancy that minimize the need to perform servicing in hard-to-each locations. Ideal for organizations in search of lowest TCO, but wanting the best cybersecurity possible.

Why Our Approach Prepares You for the Future of Work

This release gives you more tools to achieve complete Zero Trust Network Security, so that your employees can succeed in the new world of work. Our fundamentally different approach for network security is designed to get you there: 


  • Simplified, native integration with security services: IPS, URL filtering, advanced malware detection, DNS security, IoT security, enterprise DLP, and now, SaaS security all simplify deployment and ongoing operations.
  • Secure SaaS and web application access in the cloud-first world: This delivers continuous identification, categorization and granular risk-based control of all known and previously unknown SaaS applications. Consistently authenticates and authorizes users, regardless of location or where user identity stores live. Also, it effortlessly allows access to applications and data everywhere—cloud, on-prem, and hybrid.
  • Prevention of unknown threats in real time without compromising performance: We deliver security using inline ML-powered platforms purpose-built to deliver comprehensive security (including patient zero) and decryption at high speeds that your business needs.


Security needs to grow and scale to wherever your business is going—as you expand your people, your data, your locations and, perhaps most importantly, as you move forward on your cloud journey. While the boundaries of your business have shifted and in some cases disappeared, security does not have to be complex to keep up. And neither do you or your employees.  


Authored by Anand Oswal

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