Cortex Data Lake
Cortex Data Lake provides cloud-based, centralized log storage and aggregation for your on premise, virtual firewalls, and cloud-delivered services.
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Cortex Data Lake

Cortex Data Lake enables AI-based innovations for cybersecurity with the industry’s only approach to normalizing and stitching together your enterprise’s data. Get public cloud scale and locations with assurance of the security and privacy of your data.

Cortex Data Lake Discussions

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want to onboard panorama managed firewall on another cortex data lake instance

We have two cortex data lake instance of 1 TB and 5 Tb , 5 TB we are already using to send the logs from all firewalls which are panorama managed. So ...

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DTRH: Scripting Anything and Reaping Data

DTRH: Scripting Anything and Reaping Data Overview Customers are always asking for additional capabilities in the product and often times these...

Tags: XQL
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Cortex XDR/Data Lake

Hello. I can not see any logs in my Cortex Data Lake. Also when i go to Explorer app in Hub it is empty. Firewall Logs is also seem empty( I forward...

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Device Telemetry to Cortex Data Lake

Hello, just finished to setup Cortex Data Lake on my PA-220 (without Panorama, using the Hub). After enabling Telemetry (as asked by 10.0.1) and s...

Tags: 10.0 Cortex Data Lake Device Telemetry Telemetry
Labels: Cortex Data Lake
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How to integrate log to fortigate to Cortex data lake

How to integrate to fortigate logs to Cortex data lake. Does someone know this?

Tags: Cortex Cortex Data Lake Cortex XDR logs
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posted in Cortex XDR Discussions

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Cortex Data Lake Blogs

Solving Remote Access Challenges in the COVID-19 Era

02-09-2021 — Administrators can enable GlobalProtect App Log Collection from Panorama to troubleshoot a range of issues including connectivity, performance, and authentication. End-users no longer have to resort to manually collecting logs and use an out-of-ba...

Labels: Cortex Data Lake COVID-19 Global GlobalProtect GlobalProtect App GlobalProtect-COVID19 GlobalProtect-Resources Prisma Access Video
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Cortex Data Lake Updates

01-21-2021 — Check out the exciting new Cortex Data Lake consolidation update! Learn about the multiple features that were integrated for a simplified user experience!

Labels: Cortex Cortex Data Lake logging service
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New Cortex Data Lake Features: Log Forwarding & More

11-05-2020 — The latest features for Cortex Data Lake have been released and they include Log Forwarding and more. Click to get the details.

Labels: Cortex Data Lake data lake Features log forwarding
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IoT Security Solution Overview

06-23-2020 — Palo Alto Networks is excited to present the NEW IoT Security Solution. Read all of the details and find a video covering the activation.

Labels: Cortex Data Lake IoT IoT Security NGFW Configuration
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Log Retention

01-09-2020 — Your device can only store so many logs. Where do old logs go? Are the old logs gone? Get your questions answered on LIVE.

Labels: Cortex Data Lake Logging logging service
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Cortex Data Lake Articles

Logging and Reporting with Prisma Access

09-15-2021 — Learn about Prisma Access: Logging to Cortex Data Lake, Reporting through Prisma Access Insights & the PANW-Explore application

Labels: Cortex Data Lake Prisma Access
1417 by in Prisma Access Webinars

Here’s What You Missed - January Rewind

01-29-2021 — With a new year comes new ideas! We have a lot of great things happening in the LIVEcommunity, that we are excited to be sharing with all of you! Here's our January rewind.

Labels: Alibaba Cloud community community news Cortex Data Lake
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Cortex Data Lake

10-14-2020 — Cortex Data Lake: Cortex Data Lake (40 mins)

Labels: Cortex Data Lake Future
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IoT Automated Solution

09-11-2020 — Brief Description Simplify and validate the firewall configuration for the Cortex IoT security service. The skillets also include the Cortex Data Lake skillets due to Data Lake and IoT service integration. Below is a quick summary of the solution,...

Labels: Cortex Configure Cortex Data Cortex Data Lake IoT NGFW Python Resident Engineer Rest Skillets Strata Assess Strata Configure Workflow
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PAN-OS Cortex Data Lake Logging Quickplays

09-11-2020 — A set of skillets, set commands, and playbooks to simplify implementation and validation of Cortex Data Lake for the NGFW.

Labels: Ansible Cortex Cortex Data Lake NGFW PAN-OS Python Skillets Strata Assess Strata Configure validation
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Cortex Data Lake Videos

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