Cortex XSOAR 6.5 is now GA

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L3 Networker
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The newest version of Cortex XSOAR is now available for GA


Here are some highlights from this release:


  • Unit 42 Intel  Service:
    Enables you to identify threats in your network and discover and contextualize trends. Unit 42 Intel data is continually updated to include the most recent threat samples analyzed by Palo Alto Networks, enabling you to keep up to date with threat trends and take a proactive approach to securing your network.
  • Threat Intel Reports:
    Summarize and share threat intelligence research conducted within your organization by threat analysts and threat hunters. Threat intelligence reports help you to communicate the current threat landscape to internal and external stakeholders, whether in the form of high-level summary reports for C-level executives, or detailed, tactical reports for the SOC and other security stakeholders.
  • Lists:
    Lists can now be included in a Content Pack and be installed from the Marketplace. You can also download/upload lists, and in a remote repository, lists can be pushed to a production environment.
  • Settings Hierachy:
    The Settings page has been reorganized by adding a new OBJECTS SETUP tab, which includes Incidents, Indicators, and Threat Intel Reports. 
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