Cortex XSOAR 6.9 is now GA

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L4 Transporter
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The newest version of Cortex XSOAR is now available for GA.

Here are some highlights from this release:

  • Deployment Wizard: When installing or updating content packs, the DEPLOYMENT WIZARD tab guides you step-by-step to adopt your use case (including Phishing and Malware), significantly reducing the setup time.
  • SAML 2.0 Configuration: You can now let administrators manually enter certain user information fields when configuring SAML 2.0, which persist if those fields are not provided by SAML third party provider.
  • Zoom level:  When switching between playbooks, the user's zoom level is now preserved (in = more detail, out = larger view).
  • Add a warning message when viewing comments in incidents: (Multi-Tenant) Added a warning message, when handling bulk incidents to prevent customer information being unintentionally shared with other customers.
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