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I am attempting to implement best practice internet gateway in the 7.1 admin guide. One on the steps toward the end is creating Temporary tuning rules to see what applications are communicating over non-standard ports. I have rule above the tuning rules allowing for web-browsing and ssl over "application-default" I was surprised on the amount of traffic that was hitting these Temp rules. Having trouble understading logic. Why would browsing to show as application "web-browsing" to port 443?


We do have outbound SSL decryption on. See log attached.

Thanks for you time

web-browse log.PNG



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There is a rule below all of my user rules that specifies access for certain people with just the service being defined as http/https. I will say that I did look through my logs yesterday and 99% of our web-browsing is all just the ssl,web-browsing rule. Only the technology service bureau here actually has access to anything that doens't fall under the ssl,web-browsing rule and it has never been an issue. However, we also don't decreypt any of the traffic for this facility so most applicaitons never get identified. 

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Cyber Elite

Could you post a screenshot of the rules that you have created for tunning. If you create a rule for SSL and Web-Browsing with applicaiton default ports then almost all common web-browsing is going to hit those rules and I would suspect that hardly any of the sites that you visit are using anything but 443 or 80.

As far as web-browsing sometimes coming across over 443 identified traffic I wouldn't be to concerned, I currently have four pages that match that criteria in an enviroment where we don't keep logs long. App-ID is not flawless by any means and while web-browsing is only supposed to be tcp/80 it can get caught up as tcp/443 sometimes.  

Thanks for the reply. I do have a rule (34) that is configured for web-browsing and ssl (general-browsing app group) above my tuning rules.

I guess implementing the the best practice outlined in the 7.1 guide would never be complete then. I mean if app id doest work correctly then how would you get rid of the tuning (catch all) rules. 


I'm not really saying that App-ID doesn't work, but things sometimes get messed up depending on the website you are visiting and what not; I wouldn't say that you should really worry about it to much as the four pages of logs that I have are all going to one address that is an add network, so clearly if it started to get blocked I wouldn't care. 


What applicaitons are actually breaking when you take out the TUNING rules and just run with the Allow ssl and web-browsing rule? Nothing should really break because of it, generally the only time that I run into an issue is when some web-dev decides to use port 85 or some other random site on a production webserver. If you start running into a lot of issues try running a PCAP and see what is actually being sent, you shouldn't really be having any issues with the SSL and Web-Browsing app-ids even when you don't do any decryption. 

This is what my user rules look like; as you can see I am using ssl and web-browsing as the applicaiton with application-default as the service. I have yet to run into any issues except for a few crappy websites put out by small organizations that use weird ports. We do not recieve any issues with these users at all about not being able to access anything. Run without your TUNING rules and see what brakes, I'm guessing not much and you can create rules for the cases where you actually need access to those websites. Capture.PNG

Hello Experts


Just want to ask something silly, if user browse and in policy I only allow SSL, Web-browsing application on application-default then it will work? Because if PA identify deeper applicaiton running on Web-browsing then it will be block as its not allow in policy? Please answer 4shared.PNG

If you allow SSL and Web-Browsing on the default ports then 4shared will be allowed since it only uses the default ports. 

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That doesn't seem correct.


Allowing SSL and web-browsing using application defaults won't allow access to

The application will be identified as 4shared and will be denied by policy if you haven't allowed this application :


Session           22777


        c2s flow:

                source: [lab-100]


                proto:       6

                sport:       61604           dport:      80

                state:       INIT            type:       FLOW

                src user:    unknown

                dst user:    unknown


        s2c flow:

                source: [untrust]


                proto:       6

                sport:       80              dport:      24526

                state:       INIT            type:       FLOW

                src user:    unknown

                dst user:    unknown


        start time                           : Tue Nov  8 21:55:22 2016

        timeout                              : 90 sec

        total byte count(c2s)                : 5242

        total byte count(s2c)                : 66

        layer7 packet count(c2s)             : 11

        layer7 packet count(s2c)             : 1

        vsys                                 : vsys1

        application                          : 4shared 

        rule                                 : interwebs-1

        session to be logged at end          : True

        session in session ager              : False

        session updated by HA peer           : False

        address/port translation             : source

        nat-rule                             : NaT to interwebs(vsys1)

        layer7 processing                    : completed

        URL filtering enabled                : True

        URL category                         : online-personal-storage

        session via syn-cookies              : False

        session terminated on host           : False

        session traverses tunnel             : False

        captive portal session               : False

        ingress interface                    : ethernet1/2

        egress interface                     : ethernet1/1

        session QoS rule                     : N/A (class 4)

        tracker stage firewall               : l7 proc

        end-reason                           : policy-deny




My appologize, kiwi is correct my logs hadn't updated when I ran a quick test of it 

@BPry then how come your internet browsing is working with allow only SSL/Web-browsing application, as you post the screen shot of your policies

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