No traffic logs in PA-VM

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No traffic logs in PA-VM

L1 Bithead

I just deployed a PAN-VM and everything is working except I don't have any traffic logs for some reason but I do have ACC, System and Conguration logs. The only thing I can think that may cause issues is the fact that the box is not licensed yet as I'm just testing it out. Is this why? An unregistered PA-200 logs traffic data though so I find this really odd.

Anyone can confirm if this is due to license or is it due to the PAN-VM configuration? I used thin provisioning for the disk. I can try redeploying with thick provisioning but wanted to ask here first.

Thanks so much!


L7 Applicator

Hello x,

The license would not force the device to stop logging traffic. Could you please check the security rule, whether logging option is enabled there..?



Hope this helps.


L6 Presenter

Hello X,

Without licensing PANW-VM can transfer only first 200 connection, sub-sequent sessions will not be processes.

In either case licensing is important. I would also suggest to check "Log at asession start" and "Log at asession End" option.


Hardik Shah

L1 Bithead

Thanks guys. Yup logging is enabled and I'm aware of the license restrictions although I'm not seeing any effects on traffic so far. Session is below 200 since it's just me and still there are no logs. Really weird.

L6 Presenter

Hi X,

Please provide output for "show session info".


Hardik Shah

L2 Linker

There's quite a few threads with the same topics - all of the have the same suggestions as above, which haven't helped anyone yet.

It appears the VM series require a license deployed, in order to view the live monitoring traffic - however I have yet to encounter this anywhere in official documentation.

L7 Applicator

Unlicensed VM series do not provide logging, at least that's how it works in my lab as well.  See attached:

admin@pa61-unlic-test> show system info

hostname: pa61-unlic-test




ipv6-address: unknown

ipv6-link-local-address: fe80::250:56ff:fe82:672f/64


mac-address: 00:50:56:82:67:2f

time: Wed Jan 28 07:48:52 2015

uptime: 0 days, 0:02:20

family: vm

model: PA-VM

serial: unknown  <<<<<----- UNLICENSED

vm-mac-base: BA:DB:EE:FB:AD:00

vm-mac-count: 255

vm-uuid: 4202ACA4-07A0-CCDD-2881-F8D8B2418E3D

vm-cpuid: D2060200FFFBAB1F

vm-license: none


sw-version: 6.1.0

global-protect-client-package-version: 0.0.0

app-version: 451-2337

app-release-date: unknown

av-version: 0

av-release-date: unknown

threat-version: 0

threat-release-date: unknown

wf-private-version: 0

wf-private-release-date: unknown

url-db: paloaltonetworks

wildfire-version: 0

wildfire-release-date: unknown

url-filtering-version: 0000.00.00.000

global-protect-datafile-version: 0

global-protect-datafile-release-date: unknown

logdb-version: 6.1.3

platform-family: vm

vpn-disable-mode: off

multi-vsys: off

operational-mode: normal


admin@pa61-unlic-test> show interface all

total configured hardware interfaces: 2

name                    id    speed/duplex/state        mac address


ethernet1/1            16    10000/full/up            ba:db:ee:fb:ad:10

ethernet1/2            17    10000/full/up            ba:db:ee:fb:ad:11

aggregation groups: 0

total configured logical interfaces: 2

name                id    vsys zone            forwarding              tag    address

------------------- ----- ---- ---------------- ------------------------ ------ ------------------

ethernet1/1        16    1    wan              vr:default              0   <<<---- PUBLIC IP ADDRESS (obfuscated)

ethernet1/2        17    1    lan              vr:default              0  <<<--- INTERNAL IP ADDRESS

admin@pa61-unlic-test> ping source host

PING ( from : 56(84) bytes of data.

64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=57 time=24.5 ms

64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=57 time=24.6 ms

64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=57 time=27.2 ms


--- ping statistics ---

4 packets transmitted, 3 received, 25% packet loss, time 3009ms

rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 24.568/25.487/27.237/1.244 ms

admin@pa61-unlic-test> show session info


Number of sessions supported:                    1248

Number of active sessions:                      10

Number of active TCP sessions:                  0

Number of active UDP sessions:                  6

Number of active ICMP sessions:                  4

Number of active BCAST sessions:                0

Number of active MCAST sessions:                0

Number of active predict sessions:              0

Session table utilization:                      0%

Number of sessions created since bootup:        13

Packet rate:                                    16/s

Throughput:                                      14 kbps

New connection establish rate:                  0 cps


Session timeout

  TCP default timeout:                          3600 secs

  TCP session timeout before SYN-ACK received:      5 secs

  TCP session timeout before 3-way handshaking:    10 secs

  TCP half-closed session timeout:                120 secs

  TCP session timeout in TIME_WAIT:                15 secs

  TCP session timeout for unverified RST:          30 secs

  UDP default timeout:                            30 secs

  ICMP default timeout:                            6 secs

  other IP default timeout:                        30 secs

  Captive Portal session timeout:                  30 secs

  Session timeout in discard state:

    TCP: 90 secs, UDP: 60 secs, other IP protocols: 60 secs


Session accelerated aging:                      True

  Accelerated aging threshold:                  80% of utilization

  Scaling factor:                                2 X


Session setup

  TCP - reject non-SYN first packet:            True

  Hardware session offloading:                  True

  IPv6 firewalling:                              True

  Strict TCP/IP checksum:                        True


Application trickling scan parameters:

  Timeout to determine application trickling:    10 secs

  Resource utilization threshold to start scan:  80%

  Scan scaling factor over regular aging:        8


Session behavior when resource limit is reached: drop


Pcap token bucket rate                        : 10485760


admin@pa61-unlic-test> show session all


ID          Application    State  Type Flag  Src[Sport]/Zone/Proto (translated IP[Port])

Vsys                                          Dst[Dport]/Zone (translated IP[Port])


7            netbios-ns    ACTIVE  FLOW[137]/lan/17  ([137])

vsys1                                [137]/lan  ([137])

6            unknown-udp    ACTIVE  FLOW[51439]/lan/17  ([51439])

vsys1                                [5002]/lan  ([5002])

5            dropbox        ACTIVE  FLOW[17500]/lan/17  ([17500])

vsys1                                [17500]/lan  ([17500])

4            unknown-udp    ACTIVE  FLOW[49561]/lan/17  ([49561])

vsys1                                [5002]/lan  ([5002])

12          ping          ACTIVE  FLOW  NS[16654]/lan/1  ([16654]) (obfuscated)

vsys1                                [3]/wan  ([3])

8            undecided      ACTIVE  FLOW[138]/lan/17  ([138])

vsys1                                [138]/lan  ([138])

9            dropbox        ACTIVE  FLOW[17500]/lan/17  ([17500])

vsys1                                [17500]/lan  ([17500])

admin@pa61-unlic-test> show session id 12

Session              12

        c2s flow:

                source: [lan]


                proto:      1

                sport:      16654          dport:      3

                state:      INIT            type:      FLOW

                src user:    unknown

                dst user:    unknown

        s2c flow:

                source: [wan]

                dst: (obfuscated)

                proto:      1

                sport:      3              dport:      16654

                state:      INIT            type:      FLOW

                src user:    unknown

                dst user:    unknown

        start time                          : Wed Jan 28 07:49:03 2015

        timeout                              : 6 sec

        total byte count(c2s)                : 98

        total byte count(s2c)                : 98

        layer7 packet count(c2s)            : 1

        layer7 packet count(s2c)            : 1

        vsys                                : vsys1

        application                          : ping

        rule                                : permit outbound

        session to be logged at end          : True    <<<---- LOGGING ENABLED

        session in session ager              : False

        session updated by HA peer          : False

        address/port translation            : source

        nat-rule                            : outbound nat(vsys1)

        layer7 processing                    : enabled

        URL filtering enabled                : False

        session via syn-cookies              : False

        session terminated on host          : True

        session traverses tunnel            : False

        captive portal session              : False

        ingress interface                    : ethernet1/2

        egress interface                    : ethernet1/1

        session QoS rule                    : N/A (class 4)

        tracker stage firewall              : null

        end-reason                          : aged-out <<<--- SESSION ENDED


admin@pa61-unlic-test> show log traffic

Time                App            From            Src Port          Source

Rule                Action          To              Dst Port          Destination

                    Src User        Dst User        End Reason




Thanks! at least I know I'm not going crazy Smiley Happy.  Should I dare report this as a bug LOL. Thanks again for sharing.

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