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This forum was established for Palo Alto Networks partners and customers to collaborate on topics related to integration on the Palo Alto Networks products.

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Integrate with Saasyan Assure

We have implemented Saasyan Assure to provide pastoral care controls and reports for our Palo firewall. Since upgrading to 10.1.5 (and h1 and h2) we're getting the below (or similar) message when we're trying to create a new security rule via API.



JiaXiang by L3 Networker
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User ID Redistribution Design



i am going over the following article



Extreme Networks User-ID to PanOS 10.x?

We moved to a setup with Extreme Networks and Palo Alto a few months back.


On the wireless side, our users connect using Extreme's (originally Aerohive's) PPSK, which has user-ID info. We'd like that user-id to show up in PanOS.


I was sent this docum


SHMSIT by L0 Member
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PA as web proxy


I want to use PA as web proxy, just like other firewalls by configuring ip address (of PA) and port number in client browser to get the internet access.


Note: I am not looking for caching. 




sshpass not working while passing command

Dear Team,


I am doing an automation script in which I need to get the command output through sshpass



sshpass -p device_password ssh -q -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no -oConnectTimeout=20 device_username@Palto_alto_IP show system info



This one is not wor


LACP and Virtual-Wire

Hi All, 


I'm planning to configure the PAN 850 with LACP aggregation to Cisco NEXUS 9K with a transparent mode between the NEXUS 

switch and router.


Is it possible to configure the LACP group interface with the interface towards router as one virtual-