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This forum was established for Palo Alto Networks partners and customers to collaborate on topics related to integration on the Palo Alto Networks products.

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sshpass not working while passing command

Dear Team,


I am doing an automation script in which I need to get the command output through sshpass



sshpass -p device_password ssh -q -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no -oConnectTimeout=20 device_username@Palto_alto_IP show system info



This one is not wor


LACP and Virtual-Wire

Hi All, 


I'm planning to configure the PAN 850 with LACP aggregation to Cisco NEXUS 9K with a transparent mode between the NEXUS 

switch and router.


Is it possible to configure the LACP group interface with the interface towards router as one virtual-


Using HSM in Azure/AWS cloud environments

I am looking to integrate our Palo Alto firewalls with HSMs in both our Azure and AWS environments.  It looks like Thales SafeNet network HSMs are supported in both of these environments.  Does anyone have any experience using a HSM in either Azure o


John_J by L0 Member
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Migrating fortinet 100D to Palo Alto 850



i am migrating fortinet 100D to Palo alto 850 appliance.


Current below is the configuration we have in fortinet, wanted to know the same can be achieved in Palo atlo


1. wan link is ADSL-(dynamic IP- PPOE)

2. Branch locations also has WAN- ppoe lin


Blue Coat Policy Import to Palo Web Filter

Hello I am looking to find the best way to migrate a blue coat policy to PAN OS 8.1. I am assuming it will need to be exported to xml then imported to the cli? I am sure some tweaking will need to be done. If anyone knows of a tool please let me know


USer-id and Group mapping query

Dear Team,

We are using Azure Ad server to integrate with PA.We have configure Azure Saml for authentication of Gp .We need to configure user-based and group based policy foor Gp users through Azure Ad.
We need to integrated user-id agentless or uid ag