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About Log Forwarding Discussions

Welcome to HTTP Log Forwarding Discussion Forum!

We want to hear from you! The goal of this page is to share and collaborate on different HTTP log forwarding integrations amongst the community. Please feel free to post any integrations that you come up with in the discussions below.

Note: Support for HTTP Log Forwarding scripts/templates is provided here in this Live Community discussion board. Requests for technical support by phone or web will be redirected to this page.


Scheduled logs export on a Palo Alto.

Folks, can we have some scheduling done on logs which are being sent to a syslog server?


The traffic logs are so huge that they consume too much bandwidth when we send them to a central syslog.


It seems that they are all being sent when some buffer f


nson2139 by L3 Networker
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Detailed Logging for attempts externally

Hello Community!

Occasionally we get "SYSTEM ALERT" forwarded to the mailbox, in regards to failed authentications where there was an attempt using a non-existent user. Is it possible to add more information in these logs?

Specifically whether the user


Palo alto Netflow integration with Orion

Hello all,


I'm trying to create netflow between PA3020 and solarwinds orion.


I follow the step by step process and manage to see limited information on the Orion side, I can see the logs on Orion but I can't drill down with the links to see the endpo


SShnap by L3 Networker
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Panorama Firewall Syslog Timestamp

I'm trying to find a way to timestamp syslogs with milliseconds and can't seem to find a way. We want to be able to see milliseconds in our logs from our Firewalls which are then being forwarded to Panroama, and then finally to our syslog server. Tha


Customise Alert Mail Configuration

Hi Guys,


Im Aashik , i just configured Alert mail in my Palo Alto , im reciveing Alert mails. but the thing is i just want to configure Customise Alert mail ,is there any Possiblity of reciveing alert mails for every 30 minutes. If Possible or not po


aashik by L0 Member
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HTTP Log Forwarding to MineMeld

With MineMeld 0.9.42 you can now use HTTP Log Forwarding with MineMeld API for Incident Response:


lmori by L7 Applicator
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