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Welcome to our Member Testimonial video series, where we invite members to share why LIVEcommunity is their trusted resource for building skills, sharing ideas, troubleshooting issues, and finding solutions!


Mario Perez (@Mario.Perez) is a Professor and Networks Engineer at LA Community College and has been using the Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity for the past seven years. He highly values LIVEcommunity as it provides answers to any questions related to the Palo Alto Networks products, along with tips to become a better Palo Alto Networks engineer.


Mario indicates that LIVEcommunity provides an opportunity for members to interact with other engineers and share ideas, problems, and solutions with other users. He has posted questions when he needed answers to different issues involving his Palo Alto Networks firewalls. However, he has not found an instance where he needed to post an answer to another member’s question due to the fact that someone had already answered it. Regardless, Mario is driven to give back to the community as it provides a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences with others.


One of the areas on LIVEcommunity that Mario really likes is the community forums, which facilitate networking and problem-solving activities between different members of the community. One advantage of LIVEcommunity that Mario sees as a big plus is the ability to request assistance or post questions. Whenever he does so, Mario notes that someone responds with an answer to his questions or problems, saving him a call to Tech Support.


Mario highlights the importance of having a product community, such as the LIVEcommunity, as it makes a network engineer’s job easier. He believes that if the LIVEcommunity did not exist, Palo Alto Networks Tech Support would be inundated with many more support calls. 


As a Fuel User Group Board Member, Mario understands the value of a community forum like LIVEcommunity. The Fuel User Group is a great in-person community for collaboration, learning, and networking. Palo Alto Networks customers and partners can leverage the LIVEcommunity as a valuable virtual resource to find answers to questions, interact with other network engineers and cybersecurity professionals, and contribute by sharing his knowledge and experiences. He concludes that both the Fuel User Group and LIVEcommunity make the job of a network engineer easier and more successful. 


"Being a part of the LIVEcommunity, you have the opportunity not only to look for answers to your questions, but the opportunity to interact with other members of the LIVEcommunity and share ideas, or share issues, that you are facing." 


Learn how Mario leverages LIVEcommunity as a Professor and Network Engineer in this Member Testimonial video:



The LIVEcommunity team would like to extend a special thank you to Patrick Spencer, of TIRO Communications, for his help on the production of this series.


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