LIVEcommunity Member Testimonial: Mayur Sutare

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Welcome to our Member Testimonial video series, where we invite members to share why LIVEcommunity is their trusted resource for building skills, sharing ideas, troubleshooting issues, and finding solutions!


@SutareMayur  has been a member of LIVEcommunity since early 2020 and part of the community's Cyber Elite program — which recognizes our most committed, helpful, and knowledgeable members — since it launched in late 2020. He is an involved, responsive, and thoughtful member, and we’re grateful to have him as a part of LIVEcommunity. To date, he has made 554  posts, given 190 kudos and created 105 accepted solutions!


Achieving Cyber Elite status on the LIVEcommunity means a lot to Mayur, as it recognizes his expertise and commitment to providing the best solutions to his team. One of the key reasons he joined the LIVEcommunity was for the solutions and references available on the platform. Whenever he has a question or needs information about a configuration, he turns to the LIVEcommunity as a first source of information. The community also helps supplement his support by allowing him to perform a search and find answers to questions he may have, rather than filling out a support ticket or calling Tech Support.


In his interview, Mayur shares that he likes to follow other LIVEcommunity members who have been particularly helpful to him. He follows individuals who post interesting articles and provide helpful answers, and he has configured his notification settings to notify him whenever they post new content. This allows him to stay updated on the latest information and news in the community. And even though he is Cyber Elite, he still finds it extremely helpful to follow other Cyber Elite members.


He finds the LIVEcommunity to be a valuable resource for information and support. He actively participates in the community by answering questions and following individuals who provide helpful answers. The ability to access detailed documents, follow individuals, and engage with other users make the LIVEcommunity an essential platform for Mayur.


"The best part about the LIVEcommunity is that you have everything available for any kind of features,” shared Mayur in his interview. 


Learn how @SutareMayur leverages LIVEcommunity to answer questions, solve problems, and be more productive at work in this Member Testimonial video:



The LIVEcommunity team would like to extend a special thank you to Patrick Spencer, of TIRO Communications, for his help on the production of this series.


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