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New Prisma Access ResourcesNew Prisma Access Resources

Palo Alto Networks has put together some great resources to help you learn more about navigating Prisma Access. Learn how to get more visibility into Prisma Access and a simplified Panorama deployment and configuration.


Here are some great new resources for Prisma Access on LIVEcommunity



Different Ways To Get Visibility Into Prisma Access

If you are searching for different ways to get visibility into Prisma Access, then you’ll want to review the following article by one of our community members who is a dedicated Subject Matter Expert for Primsa Access, @Sai_Tumuluri


In the article, you can learn a few great tips to help you get visibility in a Prisma Access deployment. Some of the tips include:

  • View user count in Panorama with CLI commands or API calls
  • SLR Report and ACC tab on Panorama 
  • Email Forwarding of critical logs
  • Log forwarding to syslog server
  • Configure Netflow on your on-prem devices against tunnels

Read this article and more on the Prisma Access resource page on LIVEcommunity.



Prisma Access Skillets

Need Skillets? In this popular article, Skillet Master, @scotchoaf, dives into a suite of deployment, configuration, and service information skillets for Prisma Access mobile users. He even mentions remote networks and AWS as another cloud option.


In this detailed article, Scott covers the following:

  • Panorama instantiation in Azure
  • Panorama licensing, content updates, software updates, and basic configuration
  • Prisma Access service setup and mobile user configuration
  • Prisma Access API queries to view service information

Besides providing an overview of the skillet elements that explain how to Deploy, Configure, and Assess in an API and non-API environment, there are some great Github resources included to help you with your Prisma Access Skillets. For more information on Skillets, including this article, please visit the Skillet District on LIVEcommunity.



Prisma Access SASE Security (EDU-118)

Let's not forget about training. At Palo Alto Networks, we offer training videos for Prisma Access SASE Security—our EDU-118 course. I recently wrote a blog that goes into detail about the course and what you can expect.


I even give some great videos (also featured on our YouTube channel) that go deeper into the EDU-118 course. I also explain how Prisma Access plays a key role in cybersecurity to provide information about the advanced threat protection capabilities of the product, and the steps necessary to prepare an environment to activate the service. 


Read my blog and more here: Prisma Access SASE Security (EDU-118)


You review our playlist with Prisma Access Videos on our YouTube channel here: Prisma Access EDU-118 Playlist.



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