Introducing the BPA Quarterly Reminder

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Best Practice Assessment Quarterly ReminderBest Practice Assessment Quarterly Reminder

Palo Alto Networks takes another step toward helping to improve your security posture with the Best Practice Assessment Quarterly Reminder. See where these reminders show and how they help you gain visibility to fill potential security gaps. 



Introducing the Best Practice Assessment Quarterly Reminder


Good day, LIVEcommunity. We want to share some great news about the Best Practice Assessment and the changes we've implemented in the Support Portal.


Have you ever let 90 days go by without running a Best Practice Assessment? What about longer? Running a Best Practice Assessment within the recommended time allows you to maintain security posture by consistently addressing potential security gaps in your network.


We are pleased to announce the Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Quarterly Reminder


The BPA Quarterly Reminder is designed to remind customers to run a new Best Practice Assessment on devices that have a BPA history older than 90 days. In a recent blog, Community Solutions Engineer, Kim Wens (@kiwi), introduced the BPA Quarterly Reminder by diving into the details of the reminders. Read more in Kiwi’s Quarterly BPA Reminder blog here!


For example, he shows what the reminder email will look like, where you will be notified in the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal (CSP), and he explains which devices will be reported.



Why is the BPA Quarterly Reminder Important?

In today’s world of working remotely and helping your remote users stay connected, it’s easy to get distracted and allow an entire quarter to pass without checking your network for potential security gaps, especially, when things are running smoothly. However, when they’re not running smoothly, you’ll need to react quickly to prevent any security vulnerabilities.


The Best Practice Assessment Quarterly Reminder is a great feature that helps you stay on top of those potential security vulnerabilities by keeping track of your Best Practice Assessment dates.



How Do I Learn About the BPA?

Great question. The BPA tool is available for all customers in the Customer Support Portal. Here are a few resources to help you learn more about the Best Practice Assessment.


Best Practice Assessment Resource Page on LIVEcommunity

Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal


When you’re in the Customer Support Portal, here’s how you can find the BPA:

Customer Support Portal > Tools > Best Practice Assessment




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