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The Palo Alto Networks Best Practice Assessment Plus (BPA+) course is a training that details the BPA+ remediation enhancement to the BPA report. The course describes the BPA+ remediation enhancement to strengthen your security posture and align to Palo Alto Networks best practices. The BPA+ user interface walks you through the steps to implement best practices.




BPA+ is a digital learning training that will help you to:


  • Upload a tech support file
  • Identify failed BPA checks
  • Select the BPA checks you want to remediate
  • Interpret BPA check results
  • Enter the CLI commands on the firewall to remediate the failed best practice check

Learn more: https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/services/education/digital-learning


Register here: https://beacon.paloaltonetworks.com/sl/2b7d0152

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I have completed the course in Beacon and then when I generate a BPA report, there is no BPA+ button. Is there any requirement?



L2 Linker

Fyi, I found this:


Q. How do I access the BPA+?

A. There are two different ways to access the Best Practice Assessment Plus.


Customer Support Portal login to your account and click tools, then Best Practice Assessment to generate an assessment of your current configuration. Upload a tech support file to check for failed BPA checks. After the file is analyzed, the BPA report will be generated with the results. Once you open your report, please click “Try BPA+” tab to launch BPA+ wizard.


You can also access BPA+ from the Get Help location of the Customer Support Portal. Click the Get Help button and when entering the problem description, the system will determine you may be having a configuration issue based on your problem category choice. A “Launch BPA+” button will appear in the recommended solutions.


I opened my report file "Best Practice Assessment - Strata - ....html" and I had to click on something with a violation. Such as "Best Practice Assessment" then "Security Rulebase Checks" on the left. 

You should see the button"Try BPA+" on the page.