Introducing The LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite Program

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The Cyber Elite Program – Recognizing and rewarding our expert members who help shape LIVEcommunity.The Cyber Elite Program – Recognizing and rewarding our expert members who help shape LIVEcommunity.


Introducing The LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite Program


June 29, 2020 was a special day at Palo Alto Networks and on the LIVEcommunity, as we launched our new community expert member program, The Cyber Elite Program!


The Cyber Elite program will allow opportunities to provide even MORE insightful technical content, solutions to make your lives easier, and additional tips all from our experts. These key members stand out because they are dedicated high-value contributors who have contributed countless hours to the community.


Our members are the heart and soul of LIVEcommunity, and we are excited to recognize our top contributing members. The Cyber Elite designation is our way of saying “Thank You” for their technical expertise, tireless participation, and generosity they provide to LIVEcommunity.


The combined Cyber Elite contributions to the community is something we’d like to recognize and highlight:

  • 9,730 Messages Posted
  • 2,642 Likes Received
  • 1,069 Accepted Solutions

Introducing the 2020 Cyber Elite Experts

Brandon Pry @BPry Otakar Klier @OtakarKlier Mahesh Parmar @MP18
  • Messages posted: 3854
  • Likes received: 1278
  • Accepted solutions: 539
  • Messages posted: 1831
  • Likes received: 395
  • Accepted solutions: 173
  • Messages posted: 1145
  • Likes given: 321
  • Accepted solutions: 26


Remo Mittler @Vsys_remo Brandon Wertz @Brandon_Wertz  Steven Cantwell @SteveCantwell
  • Messages posted: 1759
  • Likes received: 642
  • Accepted solutions: 241
  • Messages posted: 848
  • Likes received: 227
  • Accepted solutions: 50
  • Messages posted: 293
  • Likes received: 70
  • Accepted solutions: 40


Learn more about the Cyber Elite program 

For more information on our Cyber Elite experts, how you can become a Cyber Elite member, and the benefits of being one, head over to the Cyber Elite Program page on LIVEcommunity.

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