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LIVEcommunity February RewindLIVEcommunity February Rewind


Can you believe it’s already March? Time flies when you’re having fun! We shared A LOT of exciting things with you during the short month of February, so we figured it would be helpful to give you a recap.


Popular Discussion of the Week Series:

We are still going strong with our Discussion of the Week (DOTW) series, where we highlight and answer some popular discussion topics based on what all of you are searching for on LIVEcommunity. This series is a great way for us to share additional information about common challenges that are being talked about in our discussion forums. If there are other topics you would like to see us cover, please specify those as a comment down below!



Webinars You Should Know About:

Although February was a short month, it was filled with exciting new product announcements! IoMT, Credit-based firewall licensing, and Prisma Access 2.0 were all announced and there are some webinars that you should know about.


Prisma Access 2.0Prisma Access 2.0


All of the webinars listed above not only share great cybersecurity perspectives and predictions, but you will hear from Palo Alto Networks leaders and other industry experts. We encourage you to register!


New Product Announcements:

In addition to these great webinars that you can leverage, we have announcements and other blogs to accompany and support them. First up, the new NGFW credits:


Software NGFW Credits

Prisma Access 2.0


We also have excellent resources around Prisma Access 2.0, including a page to help with common questions:

Prisma Access Insights 2.0


Our Prisma Access Insights 2.0 TDM article has been updated to share everything that’s NEW with Prisma Access Insights 2.0 like service connection, multi-tenancy, and more. This is a great resource to check out if you would like to get more familiar with Prisma Access Insights. 


Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)


Last but definitely not least, read more about the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in this helpful blog post:


Expedition Tools Page Update - NEW Video Playlist:

The Expedition tool page has a new and improved look! Its NEW video playlist is a great highlight. This playlist is all about the Log Analysis Features of Expedition, and contains detailed workflows. Take a look here.

LIVEcommunity - Expedition Tools PageLIVEcommunity - Expedition Tools Page


Our Question For You Is… 

You’re now up to date with the latest and greatest information about what happened during  February here in the community! As we had mentioned last month, we plan on ending all of these monthly rewinds with a question...


What’s the number one cybersecurity tip you share with your friends and/or family? Comment down below!
Thanks for taking the time to read my article.  If you enjoyed this, please hit the Like (thumbs up) button. As always, we welcome all comments and feedback in the comments section below.


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L4 Transporter

Great wrap-up of the month's news and updates! Learning about the upcoming webinar is really handy. Thanks for including that.


My cybersecurity tip for family and friends is very simple: use different passwords for every online account. Don't fall into the habit of using one or two "easy to remember" passwords. Oh, also don't keep the password on a sticky note stuck to your monitor.

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