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Palo Alto Networks Compatibility MatrixPalo Alto Networks Compatibility Matrix






We regularly receive queries about what's supported or where agent X can be installed. These type of questions reach our support team and, at times, are even posted right here on the LIVEcommunity discussions area.


Below are just two of the more recent queries as an example:

GP Not Compatible For MAC-OS Big Sur Version11.0 

MAC-OS Big Sur Support 


This blog highlights the Compatibility Matrix (CM) page, where you can find the answers to these type of questions. Note that the two examples provided are related to GlobalProtect (GP) compatibility, but I would like to emphasize that the compatibility matrix is not only limited to that topic. 


The CM page is updated regularly and is divided into several topics that cover GP compatibility, Supported Cipher Suites, Supported OS releases, Panorama Plugin versions and many more topics!


Topics covered on the CM page are divided as follows:


Check out the CM page HERE or download the PDF in order to find the information you're looking for!


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