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LIVEcommunity July RewindLIVEcommunity July Rewind


Can you believe we are already halfway through 2021? This year has been flying through and the LIVEcommunity is excited to continue sharing new experiences, events, and engagements with all our members. Let’s pause for a moment and take a look at what we were up to for the month of July!


LIVEcommunity’s July Digital Events:

In July, we hosted an Ask Me Anything event (AMA) with our Cyber Elite experts! The Cyber Elite AMA was a chance to connect directly with these community experts, who are pros at sharing their technical insights and knowledge, and assisting fellow community members in elevating their security posture! Even if you missed the event, you can still read through the Q&A to see what community members asked and what these Cyber Elite experts had to share.

Don’t forget to checkout LIVEcommunity’s Event page to be first to know about all of our interactive events, including webinars, AMAs, and more.


The Latest Around Education Services:



Following the arrival of PAN-OS 10.1, the Education Services has brought major refreshes to their Digital Learnings and Instructor-Led Training courses!


Digital Learnings: A new advanced overview of all the new features with detailed micro-learnings to help you accelerate your adoption of 10.1. You can find all the details and additional resources in the Digital Learning Courses for PAN-OS 10.1 blog, @kiwi put together.


Instructor-Led Trainings: Some of these updated courses cover the new Advanced URL Filtering engines. You can find walkthrough videos covering each of the courses, which can help you figure out which course is right for you. We cover all the details and resources in this Updated Instructor-Led Training Courses for PAN-OS 10.1 blog we put together.


New Experiences on LIVEcommunity:


The LIVEcommunity has been working hard to help ensure that we have dedicated technology pages, and we want to tell you about some of those new pages. 


What is OCI?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the cloud infrastructure that is needed to run the VM-Series software. Just like Alibaba, AWS, GCP and Azure. Palo Alto Networks is happy to be included as a Security partner on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. 


What will I find on the OCI page?

Just like all of the other technology pages on the LIVEcommunity, our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure page should be your first stop when you want to know anything and everything about using Palo Alto Networks VM-Series with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  


All of the relevant OCI resources—getting-started guides, advanced architecture, OCI discussions, and more—can be found on the OCI page, such as:

  • Video Tutorials
  • How-to Guides
  • Technical Documentation
  • Templates, Scripts and Deployment resources
  • OCI Discussions
  • OCI Blogs


Be sure to check out the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) technology page for yourself and see all of the content that we have on that page.


We've also introduced two new pages that fall under Prisma SD-WAN: AIOps and CloudBlades. On these pages you will find discussions, blogs, articles, and videos! 


And finally, last week, we launched two new customer guided journeys. These updates are specific to our customers to help them with their journey on the LIVEcommunity. Customers will find information on how to get started with their Prisma Cloud or Prisma Access technology. Find resources around setting up, configuring, integrating, and optimizing your technology


Check out our Prisma Cloud and Prisma Access pages to learn more about the customer journey!



Cyber Elite Expert Remo Mittler shares tips & tricks:


One of LIVEcommunity’s most popular blogs this month was written by Cyber Elite expert, Remo Mittler (@Remo)! In “Knock, Knock...Who's There?” Remo—a Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer—walks us through a port-knocking use case scenario using GlobalProtect. 

You can also learn more about Remo, including how he got into the cybersecurity industry, his experience on LIVEcommunity, and his “typical” day at work in our Cyber Elite Spotlight Interview with Remo.



July 2021 Member Spotlight:

Member  Spotlight - JulyMember Spotlight - July


For our July Member Spotlight! we chose to recognize @SutareMayur. Since joining the community in February 2020, he has written 467 posts, received 140 likes, and authored 81 solutions!

His super-engagement has propelled him into one of the top user-levels in community (L6)—even though he just joined last year! You can read a bit more about him in this featured blog post. Be sure to keep a lookout for next month’s Member Spotlight.



Using Cortex XSOAR to Deal With PrintNightmare:

If you’re not familiar with PrintNightmare, then you probably weren’t one of the many affected by the vulnerability, which allows remote code execution on Windows Print Spooler—congrats! But if you were one of the thousands impacted by PrintNightmare (CVE-2021-1675), Palo Alto Networks has two Cortex playbooks that can help. Check out this blog on how to use Cortex XSOAR to deal with PrintNightmare, written by one of LIVEcommunity’s solutions engineers.



MineMeld End of life Announcement:


Palo Alto Networks announces the end-of-life of the host MinMed application in AutoFocus, on August 1, 2021! An email communication was sent out regarding this announcement, so we are hoping you already picked a transition plan. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry: we put together a blog sharing some recommended options for your consideration. Find all them in our MineMeld End-Of-Life Announcement blog.



Discussion of the Week (DOTW) Blogs:


We always strive to help ensure we are providing you with the answers you need and are looking for. In doing that, we are consistently looking at popular conversations happening around the Community, and determining if there is any additional insight and resources we can share with all of you. We’ve put together a Discussion of the Week series covering some of these popular topics.

  • Split Tunneling is a computer networking concept that allows you to access different security domains at the same time. @jdelio shares how it can help you and walks you through some of the advantages and disadvantages of Split-tunneling in this blog, What Is Split Tunneling: What Is It and How Can It Help You?.
  • SSL decryption—a process that allows you to inspect Secure HTTP traffic as it passes through your firewall—has always played a large role in protecting and securing your network. And it’s only becoming more important! Without getting to see the full traffic picture, there is no way to properly protect your network, your users, or your data. We unpack SSL Decryption and Palo Alto Networks software and hardware in this blog on the Increasing Necessity for SSL Decryption.


And that’s July in a nutshell! We hope this rewind was helpful and as always we welcome any and all feedback in the comment section. 


Oh and we can’t forget about our question for all of you this month….What topics would you like to see covered in a Digital Event? Product focused? Education Services? Let us know down below!


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