How To Disable Or Enable Policies In Prisma Cloud

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How to Disable or enable default or custom policies 


  • Prisma Cloud.
  • Custom Policy.


  1. Go the Prisma Cloud console
  2. Click on Policies
  3. Reset the filter by clicking the circular arrow icon on the far right
  4. Use the search box to type in the name of the policy you would like to disable or enable
  5. Drag the horizontal scroll bar until you see the 'Status' header
  6. Drag the slider left to disable and right to enable the policy
  7. The slider will be greyed out if the policy is disabled or it will appear blue if the policy is enabled  



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L0 Member

can we disable multiple policies in a one shot if i want to disable all GCP policies from prisma cloud can we do that if yes how to do that


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