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Identity and Access Management (IAM) refers to the processes and tools for managing user access to resources and enforcing security policies. IAM is crucial for securing the modern enterprise as it enables organizations to control who can access what resources. By enforcing strong IAM policies, companies can enforce the principle of least privilege, meaning users and resources are only granted minimum permissions necessary to perform their jobs. This minimizes the horizontal scaling of security attacks in the event of compromised credentials.    Prisma Cloud offers capabilities to embed IAM into the software delivery lifecycle. It can scan infrastructure-as-code for misconfigurations and enforce least privilege during deployment. Additionally, Prisma Cloud can monitor permissions at runtime and alert on anomalies that indicate privilege creep or excessive permissions. By leveraging the CIEM module within Prisma Cloud, organizations can confidently monitor access while minimizing risk.   This article will provide RQLs to create sample policies based on IAM requirements, as well as demonstrate how a simple IAM RQL can be continually extended to add additional IAM functionality. 
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