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Prisma Cloud Security Platform - Integrated Platform Experience, CSPM, and CIEM Updates June 2022   Prisma Cloud provides comprehensive security for the cloud-native application’s entire journey from code to cloud. In this session, hear from the product team about the exciting new features that deliver unification of assets & alerts across the platform and several other features on tap for delivery in the near term.  This session will also cover updates to the Cloud Security Posture Mgmt. and Identity security areas.
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A best practice in security is alerting on the assets that you find most critical.  The concept of vulnerability and exploit defines that a vulnerability can be exploited.   
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Prisma Cloud provides comprehensive visibility and threat detection for cloud workload in Google Cloud. Prisma Cloud software consists of two components: Console and Defender. Console is Prisma Cloud’s management interface. It lets you define policy and monitor your environment. For the Prisma Cloud SaaS edition, the Console is hosted by Palo Alto Networks. Defender is deployed to Google Cloud environment to secure  the cloud workload. Defender protects your environment according to the policies set in Console. There are a number of Defender types , Host Defender utilizes Prisma Cloud’s model-based approach for protecting hosts that do not run containers.   Please visit Host Defender Auto Deployment from SaaS based Prisma Cloud User Guide here.
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Office Hours with Product: New Features in Prisma Cloud — host, containers & serverless security   Recording available from the Dec. 2019 customer webinar. Click here to view the recording.
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