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Introducing infrastructure as code scanning into your GitOps flow with Prisma Cloud Code Security.
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Cloud Service Providers provide mechanisms for creating a hierarchy when a customer has a number of cloud accounts in an AWS or GCP Organization.  In this article, we are going to look at a number of ways that a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Organization can be imported into Prisma Cloud and explore a couple of mechanisms for automatically preserving the structure. 
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Recent Log4Shell and SpringShell vulnerabilities created havoc for many organizations struggling to discover the impacted resources. The Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud (CSPM and CWPP) not only can help the organizations to discover the impacted resources, but can also protect the exploit from happening.   In this article, we will walk you through how to leverage the Prisma Cloud Product in order to gain visibility of your cloud resources.
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Many teams are relying on automation to streamline their Security Operations Center. Automation allows customers to scale their operations as their cloud presence grows and allows the data from Prisma Cloud to be integrated with a customer’s existing workflow to manage Cloud security.  This API is also used by Cortex XSOAR playbooks for alert remediation and alert report generation.
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