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Incident response is a daily problem to solve in cybersecurity. Bad actors are constantly looking for new ways to hack into an enterprise. Due to the consequences of ill-intentioned hacking causing potential distress at a global scale, we all have a responsibility to be as prepared as possible to better protect our environments by the proactive action of incident response. Through the Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) of Prisma Cloud, there are ways to be proactive in achieving goals in incident response while creating protocols to coherently scope your applications and accounts in these environments. In this article, you will learn about the primary scoping utility that is available to you in the console through collections and approaches to optimally create scope.   When utilizing the Prisma Cloud Compute Console, a tool that can help you have the most efficient environmental setup within each cloud environment is collections. Collections allow you to be able to have the scoping that is necessary to be able to triage your incident response as well as proactively give you the capabilities that you will need to be able to report on any incident. Collections will also allow you to have an organized view into your cloud resources to be able to better help with your use cases. If your cloud environment is disorganized at the cloud service provider level, it will be a good practice to begin to organize these environments. One option is to look within the console to be able to work backwards in creating this coherency in every environment over time. Let’s begin to take a look at how collections can help you to have a better experience in utilizing cloud security technologies. 
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