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Expressway-E and C and NAT

L1 Bithead

I am putting in a Jabber system using Expressway-E and C. My Expressway-E server is NAT'd through the PA-3020 and I have a security rule set up to allow the required ports in on the Public address. If I make a call IN from an external Jabber client it goes through fine. If I try to make a call OUT from a phone to a jabber client, the call does not go through. 


My setup is similar to this: (internal address of EXP-E) (external IP of EXP-E) is NAT'd through to


u_turn rule 

trust-> untrust Dest Address=  Source Translation= Dynamic/ destination translation =



trust->untrust source address=  source translation static/ bi-di.



Security rule set up to allow incoming SIP type ports to come across on the external IP. 



Expressway E is set up with a single interface. When Expressway-E has NAT turned on, I can make a call from external to internal. WHen Expressway-E has NAT turned off, I CAN get a call to go external, but there is no audio. 


Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? 


Who Me Too'd this topic