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Who Me Too'd this topic

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Global Protect 5.0.2 - working deployments/configurations, open issues and everything else

Hi community


Today Global Protect Version 5.0.2 was released. The way to this version was a long one. I had 10 open cases with different issues that I reported for Version 5.0.0 and 5.0.1. Most of them are fixed in 5.0.2 so this version - from what I was able to test so far - could be the best for the past years as also issues from earlier versions than 5 are now fixed. And in addition to the ones that my company reported there were even more issues from other ones and also fixed in 5.0.2.

Anyway what I intend to do with this topic is a collection of working deployments and also putting together a list with still open problems in Global Protect 5.0.2. My hope is that Global Protect- with the help of the community - will get even better and have less issues / bugs.


So I ask you to write your working configurations and also the open issues (including case numbers if possible so others can reference these numbers if they also open cases) - only related to GP 5.0.2.


Let's see if something helpful will be created in this topic ;)




Who Me Too'd this topic