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License Firewall ESXi VM before bootstrapping

L4 Transporter

We are trying to do automated deployment of multiple VM firewalls, managed by Panorama and using bootstrapping for the initial setup. All appliances will be hosted on ESXi server.  


The problem we have is how to license the VM firewalls before bootstrapping. I read the related admin guides and the VM licensing part is not quite clear. 

Documentation suggest that a firewall need to be licensed first, then PA-VM  and other license files downloaded and placed in the relevant bootstrap folder.


However, in order to license the firewall, you need to have the firewall CPUID and we can only get that after the firewall boot.

We can boot the firewall and license it then, but then it defeats the whole concept of bootstrapping and adds a lot of additional manual work to multi-firewall deployment. Also, if the firewall is not licensed, it does not have a serial number and adding it Panorama fails.


Have you done this before and how did you resolve the licence issue?

Who Me Too'd this topic