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Memory in root partition

L4 Transporter



We have a alarm about ocuppation in root partition. I tried to delete any files to release memory but there is not any "big files", no cores, no pcaps, just some logs.


So how can i release memory for this partition? whats is a alarm value for this root?


Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/md3 3.8G 3.3G 314M 92% /
/dev/md5 7.6G 4.6G 2.6G 64% /opt/pancfg
/dev/md6 3.8G 2.3G 1.4G 63% /opt/panrepo
tmpfs 2.0G 210M 1.8G 11% /dev/shm

Who Me Too'd this topic