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Panorama GUI Slowness and refreshes after upgrade to PAN-OS 9 on M-600

L1 Bithead

I have two separate large customers who are both experiencing the same issue.  They both have M-600 Panorama appliances in dedicated management mode with HA peers and dedicated log collectors.  


After upgrading to PAN-OS 9.0.x (currently on 9.0.4) - the GUI is slow and refreshes after each change.  For example, if you add a TAG to a rule, the section will refresh before you can click on another.  If you drag and drop a tag between rules, the maximum you are going to get is two before it refreshes.  If I'm performing multiple changes to a policy, after a few rules in it will start jumping back to the top of the policy after every refresh.  It's very annoying and leaving a bad impression of the GUI with the customers.  


Is this a known issue?  Is there a fix to this issue?  I'm struggling to find any answers through searching Live and other tech blogs.

Who Me Too'd this topic