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GlobalProtect upgrades & issues on DHCP option 43 code

Hello All,


Since last year, we are using GlobalProtect 5.0.4 along with DHCP options 43 to detect the Internal GP GW FQDN. The GP client then connects to the branch office GP GW and pushes the User-ID - as it should.


Since I updated our main PA 5520 cluster to PAN OS 9.1, I also upgraded a newer version of GlobalProtect (v.5.1.1 and then v5.1.2).

I noticed now that if the client OS (Windows) runs those latest GP version, authentication to the local GW fails though DHCP option 43 code. To be more exact, the FQDN is detected correctly, but fails with an error ((T1952)Debug( 111): 04/17/20 11:53:24:007 connect failed with error 10047(An address incompatible with the requested protocol was used.))



  1. What is you input about upgrading the GP version in general?
  2. Are there any compatibility matrix GP version / PAN OS version?
  3. Any idea about what could be the issue I am experiencing? (rolling back to 5.0.4 seems to work).

Thank you for reading and any input.

Cheers to all.



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