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Log export error

L4 Transporter

Hello All,


I am facing issue to export traffic logs from the firewall in CSV format. getting the error "no jobs query found".



* Increased the CSV row number up to 1048576.

* I can export URL filtering logs, security policy, NAT policy in CSV format.

* Applied filter in traffic logs for 10 minutes but still getting the same error.

* The Current version of a firewall is 8.1.14-h2. and model number - 3020


I have checked the same scenario in my lab with an 8.1.14-h2 version and i am also facing the same issue. for the troubleshooting i upgrade my firewall with 9.0.8 version and the issue has been resolved.


My question is i don't want to update PA-3020 with 9.0.x version, is this issue will resolve in upcoming 8.1.x version?





Who Me Too'd this topic