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L3 Networker

Hi Ravindra,


it is hard to say what are the requirements for the Panorama in Azure, it is also important to know what are the use case. 

When you logs/sec are lower the 10,000 and you didnt want to manage more then 500 Devices then are the min requirements:

  • 16 CPUs
  • 32 GM memory
  • 4x2TB Logging disks (or lower 2x2TB is also enough)

Then you can use a DS5_v2 vm instance type

Details are here


1. there is no version requirements for Panorama in Azure it is again depends what are you trying to archive here but i use in the past the Version 9.1.4


2. I have already a lab running in Azure Panorama HA and i can't complain. It works really stable for me.


I hope i could help.





"With unity we can do great things"

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