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DHCPv6 client support?

L1 Bithead

Is there an option to have the PA act as DHCPv6 client (DHCPv4 client on an interface is obviously supported)?

I get a /56 prefix from my provider and my DSL router offers me the option to assign a /64 prefix via DHCPv6 (IA_PD), but I cannot find an option to make the PA use it (the PA is configured in Layer3 Mode and sits between DSL router and internal network(s)).

(If I configure addresses statically however (which would just be a temporary test as I get dynamic prefixes assigned) the PA doesn't seem to advertise the availability of the internal prefix on the upstream interface so that the DSL router doesn't have info how to reach the internal network. But this may be just a configuration problem or lack of IPv6 understanding...)

Who Me Too'd this topic