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Receiving false positive alert for AWS config recording is disabled in Prisma cloud

L3 Networker

We tried with the mentioned steps and enabled the recording following below recommendation:

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console
2. Select the specific region from the top down, for which the alert is generated
3. Navigate to service 'Config' from the 'Services' dropdown.
If AWS Config set up exists,
a. Go to Settings
b. Click on 'Turn On' button under 'Recording is Off' section,
c. provide required information for bucket and role with proper permission
If AWS Config set up doesn't exist
a. Click on 'Get Started'
b. For Step 1, Tick the check box for 'Record all resources supported in this region' under section 'Resource types to record'
c. Under section 'Amazon S3 bucket', select bucket with permission to Config services
d. Under section 'AWS Config role', select a role with permission to Config services
e. Click on 'Next'
f. For Step 2, Select required rule and click on 'Next' otherwise click on 'Skip'
g. For Step 3, Review the created 'Settings' and click on 'Confirm'


 Anyone facing this issue ?

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